Sunday, April 22, 2012

Racist Jury Selection Rescues Death Row Inmate in N.C.

A N.Carolina judge recently ruled that prosecutors 'have intentionally discriminated' against murder defendants - such as Marcus Robinson - by using the peremptory challenge to eliminate black jurors at twice the rate of whites. (here)

The judge found no reason, other than race, for the exclusion of so many blacks from cases with black defendants. Robinson's death sentence was automatically commuted to life without parole.

A Michigan State professor, Barbara O'Brien studied 160 capital murder cases, including Robinson's, to build a convincing argument for the statewide racism. The professor studied selection outcomes for 7,400 capital jurors.

The peremptory challenge is a legal bastion of racism that poisons the judicial process in this country.  Only Kentucky and North Carolina have such laws available to capital inmates who may have been the recipients of racist conduct by prosecutors.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

The judge found no reason, other than race, for the exclusion of so many blacks from cases with black defendants.

How about the figure of 80% no show rates for one.

Guess the judge didn't know about that..........

James C. Collier said...

@3:51, don't be obtuse. The peremptory challenge to which the judge refers is being used on the 20% 'shows'. Btw, whites no-show at 50%. Economic status accounts for much of the disparity in showing up, as well.

Anonymous said...

The judge bases it on the 20% shows...

That makes it sooo much better eh?

Let's be simple.

If you were on trial you would want blacks on your jury because they would be more likely to feel sympathetic towards you because you are black, guilty or not, and they would. No one should be so naive as to think that is not possible.

No doubt this judge doesn't address that either.

Is that justice?

So all white juries are more likely to convict black defendants. Is there a "why" to this study? Is it solely because of race or because of guilt?

Are juries with blacks more likely to NOT convict a black defendant just because of race and not guilt or innocence?

The study says they are more likely to not convict. Again, why?

Just because of race? Is that what you would want? Guilty people being let go because of race?

Is it better to let a defendant go free because of race and not innocence because a black person will be more likely to not convict a black defendant?

Sounds like racism doesn't it??

Always turn it around. Always.

They a person might look into being truly fair.

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr Collier:

Does it bother you that while "Racism Chasers", in their quest to functionally ban the "State Sponsored Executions" as they move past the question of the murderer's GUILT and instead focus on how the Death Penalty is parceled out by race - are never seem to be called to the carpet by people like you who don't seem to care that in the places where they are the predominant force that is to instill value of human life in the "Would Be Pillars Of Our Community" , but instead they appear incompetent at stopping "Street Pirate Sponsored Murders"?

James C. Collier said...

@Constructive Feedback, please re-state as multiple sentences. I am interested, but cannot follow what you are saying. thanks.

Constructive Feedback said...


I make the case that:

* The people who are claiming to have achieved "Social Justice" with the North Carolina "racial justice" law regarding the impact of RACIAL PREFERENCE in the jury selection of a capital murder case.................

* Are less motivated to discuss the problem with "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions"

* A Street Pirate being defined as a "Would Be Pillar Of The Community" who was allowed to transform into a consciousness in which he is the prime attacker of his own community, as the community failed to instill proper value of life and property in their community (A non racial reference)

* The fact that they are unable to achieve their goals of mitigating a SYSTEM that produces DEATH..........

* Because it is far easier for them to regulate the GOVERNMENT than it is for them to achieve their desired ends of PEACE - through the PEOPLE...

* as a result we see this claimed "ADVANCEMENT" that is really just a DIVERSION from the real, larger problem.

In my view - those who I call "The Civil Rights Pharisees" - understand that they are incompetent at lowering the Black community's homicide rates. Thus they seek out "progressive base hits" via changes in government policies to mask the in-congruence between their POLITICAL THEORIES and the truth on the streets.