Monday, April 23, 2012

Werdesheim Assault Of Black Teen Parallels Trayvon Martin

The assault and false imprisonment trial of two Jewish brothers kicked off today in Baltimore, MD (here). The case has resemblance to the Trayvon Martin killing, except the fifteen year old black male victim sustained a broken wrist and laceration, at the hands of Eliyahu (24) and Avi (23) Werdesheim. Eliyahu, a member of a neighborhood watch organization, and his brother confronted the teen as he walked through a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Like Zimmerman, in Florida, the Werdesheims are claiming self-defense, but with neither the probable cause or authority to stop and confront the victim. The case includes the charge of racial profiling. The trial may be delayed, as the Werdesheim's counsel is expected to argue that the attention of the Trayvon Martin murder trial makes it difficult to mount a fair defense. Authorities and media across the nation are looking to the case to provide some clues as to how the drama of the Martin case will play out.

James C. Collier


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bernard Lee said...

If the Werdesheims want to defend Israel they need to go to Israel. There are no 'west banks' they can occupy and defend against anyone here. This is the U.S. and African Americans are not Palistinians. The black kid they told 'you don't belong here' then assaulted for being in their neighborhood is the descendant of black soldiers who fought their way across Europe to liberate Jews from Nazi death camps in 1944. At that time 'you don't belong here' was the cry of the Germans against the Jews and the justification for the racist atrocities they carried out. Are the Jews so far removed from the sting they have grown the tail of the scorpion?