Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What John Derbyshire Should Have Said In His 'Talk' To White Kids About Blacks: Part I

I recently read conservative John Derbyshire's 'NonBlack' version of The Talk - for which he was fired from the National Review. Derbyshire described his White parent-to-child version of what Black parents say to their children, mostly sons, on the perils they will face growing up in White America. The Trayvon Martin case brings this rite of passage front and center.

Derbyshire clearly wrote the article in Taki's Magazine (here) with racist intent, but the idea of White parents talking to their kids is nonetheless poignant. Derbyshire might have been more help if his instructions re: Black people went more like below:
1. Reference. Call them Black (capitalized), not African-American, unless they insist. It's easy and correct. Never, ever, use the N-word! The instant intoxicating effect the word has on Whites guarantees it will not be used in the .1% of situations where a White person could get away with it cleanly.
2. Admixture. Most Blacks have some White admixture. Avoid this subject, along with topics of fried chicken, watermelon, and hair extensions.
3. More Admixture. Provide your own admixture only if asked, and only as if you are being interrogated by an armed, North Korean, soldier - name, rank, and serial number. No smiling, and no hand gestures.
4. Engagement. Treat Blacks the same as non-Blacks, but never forfeit your personal safety to 'prove' you are not a racist - to or for anyone!
5. Presentation. Blacks come in all shapes and sizes. Forgetting this is a great source of stupidity.
6. Difference. You are not obligated to ignore the mean (statistical) difference between Blacks and Whites, especially the difference in adherence to the rule of law (ROL). The cultural lenses Blacks and Whites see through are not the same.
7. Disparities. The combination of disparity in adherence to the ROL and the across-the-board increase in societal violence is a bad mix. Pay attention. Always note the exits.
8. History. Cross-racial conflicts have the added influence of this country's sordid racial past. Avoid the phrase 'get over it'!
9. Attitude. Nearly all Blacks have some degree of 'attitude' about Whites, from suspicion to racist dislike. They feel this is justified, even if the White person is FOB (fresh off the boat). Expect only your closest Black friends to stick-up for you against other Blacks - social pressure is a bitch!
10. Avoidance. See Part II (this one deserves its own posting)(here)
11. Intelligence. Average Black intelligence (measured) is one standard deviation below Whites. This fact is explanatory, in certain discussions, but a distracting hindrance in the day-to-day. The same holds true for White comparisons with Asians and Ashkenazi Jews.
12. Affirmative Action. It did not/does not work and needs to be replaced with help based upon economic disadvantage, which would still help Blacks who really need it. Well-off Blacks, you can guess, do not support this change.
13. Friendship. You should seek friendship with Blacks holding common interest to your own, as this is the best way to confront ignorance, especially that of your parents.
14. More Friendship. When people say there aren't enough Blacks to make friends, know that they are really saying they don't care to be friends with anyone who might be Black.
15. Even More Friendship. Remember, while people may be attracted to you for how you look, they generally like you for who you are. This applies to everyone!

UP NEXT: Part II: Avoidance. Large groups, Blacks, and expected outcomes.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

I admire the candor with which you can speak on these topics as a Black person. I'm not whining that as a poor, deprived white person, I couldn't say most of the same things, because I understand the reasons for that. But this is one area where Blacks have more privilege - to speak their minds - and I'm glad you use it with integrity.

Anonymous said...

Derbyshire didn't say anything that Chris Rock had not said before him.