Monday, April 02, 2012

Seven Black Boys Arrested For Hate Crime In Beating Latino Boy

I hate it that the Huffington Post plays the very race games they accuse others of (playing). I found this story on the Latino Voices section, when it should have been on the front page, and Black Voices, too. Also, I resent that the HufPo fails to identify the race of the attackers in the headline, as black. They have no trouble identifying non-black people who attack blacks. I say no double standard. Hate is hate, Violence is violence. Anybody can be racist, and blacks need to take the full hit of seeing themselves portrayed as criminals, along with everybody else. Balanced reporting is the only way we are ever going to begin to make any headway.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Also, I resent that the HufPo fails to identify the race of the attackers in the headline, as black. They have no trouble identifying non-black people who attack blacks.

There are psychological reasons for this. I am currently reading and listening to Shelby Steele, who I find has interesting explanations on the psychology of white liberals.

ogunsiron said...

Come on,
saying that they're black would feed into the vicious, colonialist stereotype which states that young black men commit violent crimes at slightly higher rates than non black young men. Plus, the youth were black so they don't have power so they couldn't have been racist, no matter what they did!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - what's the Shelby Steele piece on psychology of white liberals?

thanks in advance.

atldude said...

what get's me is people get all up in arms about white on black crime, black on white crime, black on latino crime, etc....why doesn't anybody (bloggers, media, Al Sharpton) get upset about black on black crime?

Yes, yes, every race is more likely to be more violent towards it's own race, but (as reported here and elsewhere) black on black crime happens at such a dramatically higher rate, kills significantly more children (that look like Barack's son)...

why isn't there a HUGE uproar, protest, movement to address THAT issue?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:35:

Here are the links I was listening to:

Interview with Shelby Steele and a brief radio commentary on a short book he wrote.

I'm not sure I agree with some things he says completely, but I find some of his ideas very insightful, his perspective mirrors mine quite a bit. I had not heard of him before. It seems to me just as the "n" word has "blacks" foaming at the mouth with rage (mostly if the offender is "white"), the "r" word turns whites into quivvering blobs of jelly, ready to do acquiesce to anything for approval. They were calling Zimmerman a "racist white man" before we knew anything about the incident. I feel like the "r" word is pretty meaningless nowadays, because it means anything you want it to mean, and yet it, like the "n" word, has been honed to be a catalist for extreme and irrational behavior, and white liberals in power continually act in ways against both white and black peoples' own best interest.

This is part of the reason why the Huffington Post will never mention the race of the perpetrator unless he/she is white. Maybe they don't want to get the average white dummy riled up by mentioning 8 BLACK youths beat up a white boy, but they WANT the average black dummy to be riled up by ways 8 WHITE youths beat up a black boy. This give them suck-up power.


Anonymous said...

Right on. Assault is assault. Murder is murder. Is there "love" crime? If you assault or murder someone, it may not be done out of "hate" necessarily, but there is no "love" there. There should be no "feelings" involved in the prosecution of crime.

Anonymous said...

Assault is assault. Murder is murder.


I understand the reasoning behind the liberal-based "hate" crime legislation, but do not agree with it. It is the same reason that when a hispanic is a perpetrator of a so-called "hate" crime, his "race" is listed as "white" (like Zimmerman). When he is the victim of a so-called "hate" crime, his "race" is listed as "hispanic" (which isn't even a so-called race). "Hate" crime is another way of saying "Acting White" crime. As if only whites can send a message of fear through another ethnic, racial or religious community by committing a violent act or vandalism. Why do they even pretend "hate" crimes can be leveled against "blacks" or "non-white hispanics?" What a mind-screw liberals perpetrate. I cannot even read the HuffPo any more. I do not trust it.