Saturday, March 19, 2011

White UCLA Co-ed Goes On Anti-Asian Rant

Can someone tell what the hell this young woman (Alexandra Wallace) was thinking? I thought UCLA was a difficult school to attend, but this clearly is not the case for some. Word is that she has voluntarily withdrawn from the school (not dismissed), for her own protection. You got that right! Asians are 37% percent of enrollment!

James C. Collier


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James C. Collier said...

This young woman has set some kind of record for how to screw up your life in 2 minutes and 52 seconds. I envision a "Where are they now..." documentary, in about five years.

The Roving Reporter said...

Wow, this woman will be haunted by this racist rant for the rest of her life. And she deserves whatever pain and suffering it will cause her.

Jim-Jim said...

There's an adage among the political class here in the Boston area: "Don't write something down if you can just say it, and don't say it if you can just nod your head." Part of having manners is being circumspect about one's opinions.

Menelik Charles said...

New Black Woman said:

she deserves whatever pain and suffering it will cause her.

Menelik says:

this wasn't a racist rant at all! It was a rant indicative of a clash of cultures norms and mores. Can you seriously not see this?

Why should this young lady experience "pain and suffering" when she herself has not advocated that others do? You send like a vengeful verse from the Old Testament!

Menelik Charles
London UK

Anonymous said...

Just another example of white entitlement.
I'm surprised that in Poly Sci she hasn't heard that illegal immigration is nothing new. The native Americans called it "white people". ;)

Check out this very witty song. a very cool answer to her rant.

Jael said...

I agree with Menelik Charles. It wasn't a racist rant at all. It's an observance of differences from a girl who comes across as kind of haughty and ditzy at the same time. But it's the type of things that everybody thinks about "the other" and says usually when they are in a circle of people they are comfortable with. Dumb that she should put it on the internet, going to a school with a high percentage Asian population. But not racist.

I LOVED the "Ching Chong" song ... this guy is going places. Nice voice, very classy, catchy retort song ...