Friday, April 11, 2008

Acting White: Angry Politician, Side Bar #5

Letter to Andres Martinez's "Stumped" Column in the Washington Post...

"Dear Stumped,

Bill and Hillary seem to think that it is unconscionable not to count the votes in Florida and Michigan, while at the same time advocating the right of pledged delegates to vote for someone other than the candidate they have agreed to support on behalf of the voters. Is there a disconnect in their thinking? If pledged delegates are not going to support the candidate they have pledged to support, then it seems to me that they have disenfranchised the voters they have pledged to represent.

Am I confused here?

TR in Cleveland

Dear TR,

Yes, you are confused. But if it makes you feel better, we all are.

And yes, you have touched upon some deliciously Kafkaesque (or is it Clintonesque?) logic. As you point out, Hillary Clinton is arguing that the pledged delegates chosen in two illegitimate contests be seated at the convention, lest the voters of Michigan and Florida be disenfranchised. Meanwhile, her campaign is suggesting that the pledged delegates chosen in all other 48 states need not stick to the candidate voters assumed they were choosing.

I think we'd all be less confused if Clinton just came out and said it: Pledged delegates are really, really pledged in all states she won (including the illegitimate contests) but delegates from states she lost are free agents. That's essentially the argument."

James C. Collier


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Unknown said...

Do you think you folks in the good old US of A could come up with a less tedious and convoluted way to elect a President already? Barack looks dog tired, McCain bored and I think someone exchanged Hilary for a plastic blow up sex toy. ;P

Come to think of it. I really think everyone in the world should have the right to elect the American president since we are all controlled by the country's foreign policy. Now that would be something.

Anonymous said...

These Clintonesque maneuvers do serve an important purpose -- they remind us all of how corrupt and dishonorable this couple was, and will be, should they get back into power through some miracle of the devil.

Aren't there any grownups in the Democratic leadership?

Big Steve