Friday, April 04, 2008

Acting White: Angry Child, Side Bar #4

Under the heading of reading is believing - the school district in Cheektowaga NY is experimenting with actually requiring that students behave to standards that could prepare them to live as law abiding, productive, citizens. Of course, it a takes a Harvard, MA education expert to say how a program of ‘positive behavioral interventions and supports’ is bad. Yes, having kids walk, not run, on one side of the hallway, to their classes is so draconian. How unfair it is that kids are required to actively pursue their studies, in order to qualify for extra-curricular activities, like sports and dances. What’s next, saying yes sir and yes ma’am? They better be careful up there in Cheektowaga – they just might start graduating young adults who can read and write, and who have respect for themselves and others.

James C. Collier


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bwdb said...

I would love to see this everywhere~!

GoldenAh said...

I was listening to a radio program that said that US schools actually used to teach morality and manners. I wonder when that got tossed out?

Students may act out during the high school years, but the behavioral problem starts in kindergarten.