Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obesity: America’s Savior

This blog typically attempts to recognize and, at times, bluntly reconcile the fall of our once great society, viewed through the lens of race (ethnicity). In today’s post, however, I will look through the lens of health.

While eating a public breakfast on Sunday, with what seemed like a herd of obesity, it dawned on me that if fat is the choking underbrush of our society, then flat screens are the match sticks lighting it up in TV rooms across America. Overeating, sedentary living, and resulting obesity are the sure remedies to relieving our society of the social, economic, and environmental burdens of too many people, whose health cost now exceed what they pay for it (coverage). In crude respects, it can’t happen fast enough.

Before our health care system completely collapses, or in the wake of it actually going under, providers, with the help of employers and the government, will withdraw medical support for obesity complications. The system will reach a point where it has to simply let obese people die, in a least-cost manner. Companies that are reaping huge profits from providing products and services to treat obese people, and their expensive downstream results, are going to fall on hard times. Mark my words.

So, if your business services those with heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, vascular disease, cancer, or arthritis, do not get too comfortable with all that dough that is currently rolling your way, in the form of health insurance payments. Your endless riches, based upon today’s behavior and economy, are on their way out. And yes, some of you may call me a hard-hearted bastard, but really I am the opposite. I care about everyone, but I can only advocate for those who care for themselves.

James C. Collier


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Gua said...

This is already starting to happen. In 2011 Blue Cross/Blue Sheild will lower beneifits for obese people.(their definition of obese is a set percentage of body fat) I do take issue with your first paragragh, you are basically saying that all obese people are "unproductive members of society" I disagree with that.

James C. Collier said...

Gua, you are correct, "unproductive" was not the right description. It is now more accurately, "[those] whose health costs exceed what they pay for it". Thanks.

sungod said...

the more the govt attempts to control the more the ppl lose it..

hyperhidrosis said...

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions, with over 300 million overweight people in the world .. I wonder how I could be informed whenever a new post is made. I subscribed to your RSS feed, you should do the trick!