Monday, February 15, 2010

No Charge In La. Police Killing of Black Man, SPLC Sues

Let's warrant, no evidence, no vetted suspicion, leads to police shooting death of Bernard Monroe, Black resident of Homer LA. Just reported - grand jury declines to indict officers. Southern Poverty Law Center (Morris Dees) files wrongful death lawsuit against city and officers.

From the top...two White officers arrive at the Monroe home with the interest of friendly afternoon chat with Monroe senior. During the chat Monroe junior, with a drug prior, arrives and runs around and into the house ‘suspiciously with black bag’, while pursued by officer one. Monroe junior exits the front of house and is tassered by officer two. First officer then shoots Monroe senior seven (7) times in the front, side, and back, in response to the belief that he is pointing a gun at officer. Witnesses report seeing no gun or black bag.

Witnesses also report seeing officer one place a weapon near the fatally wounded Monroe senior. Officer one reports that the gun was moved away, during the action, and he later ‘returned it’ near the body.

I smell a rat. Story (here).

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Since you're interested in stories like this, why don't you write about the Pearcy Massacre?

Nah, that wouldn't fit the narrative.

James C. Collier said...

Why is killing always a racial pissing contest with 'you' guys (people who think like you, of course)? If you took the time, you would see balance on this site. All lives are valued! Your comment only makes you a 'hit and run', uh...person.

Jael said...

I like this phrase: "A racial pissing contest" ... for that is how I feel when I hear blacks and whites argue.

But I will say this for this anonymous "person" who I assume is white. The mainstream media has taught us and all future generations that white people are bad and racist and [whatever, insert your word] and usually start all the racial violence. The MSM (especially CNN) will report any and all "racial" incidents where the white person is the perp and the black person is the victim. Whatever black people do is NEVER "racially motivated," according to the MSM. The Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom rape, torture and murders at the hands of 4 black men and a black woman wasn't labeled a "hate crime" because ... THE PERPS ASSOCIATED WITH AND HAD WHITE FRIENDS. The torture, rape and murder of white marine Jan Pietrzak and his black wife Quianna Jenkins-Pietrzak by four black marines wasn't labeled a "hate crime" either. Why? (For the record, I think "hate crimes" are disgusting and an insult to humanity). Just think if the races of these crimes were reversed. They would be the racial crimes of the century and we would be talking about them forever.

I agree that ALL LIVES ARE VALUED. And every unjust murder should be accounted for and punished, and all the facts brought to light. I can't stand racial "pissing contests" about violence and murder either, but the mainstream media seem to have some agenda as to what stories they pick to blow out of proportion and this molds young minds. I am tired of the 60-second sound-byte and shallow, unthinking sheep-mentality Americans. There are so many factors that go into why people react as they do in any given situation ... just God forbid they are two different colors, you just might get to have a beer with the president. Sad.

Your site is balanced and thoughtful and written from your perspective. Unfortunately, our media is not so balanced, and Americans are schooled to think emotionally, not critically. I think maybe that was the state of mind of your "drive-by" anonymous commentator.

That being said, when AUTHORITIES commit murder, it is something to write about ... just as there is more harsh punishment for killing a police officer (because he is an authority and puts himself and his life at risk for the public), there should be more harsh punishment for the abuse of that authority. People have been abusing authority every since time began, but in "enlightened America", it is in the interest of every citizen and should be a priority that this type of abuse of authority be brought to the forefront and all the facts and motives and actions laid out.

Marcus said...

It seems like a simple case of "wrong place, wrong time". The cops probably were confused about which LA they were in (and what century). Funny that you smell a rat, I smell a different mammal. All kidding aside, just like someone that kills a cop gets the harshest penalty, so should a cop that is proven to have killed someone that hasn't been found guilty.