Monday, September 28, 2009

Acting White: Polanski vs. The Long Arm Of The Rule Of Law

I was pleased to see this talented man, who would drug and rape a 13 year old girl, entrapped in Swiss irony. This is so juicy, I can hardly stand it. Talk about intrigue. Let’s see the linkage – France and its Jews during WWII, Poland’s Krakow ghetto, Auschwitz death camp, Hollywood, Sharon Tate et al murders, Charles Manson, Jack Nicholson, drugs, rape, judicial misconduct and flight from prison, and finally the Swiss. This man is his own movie, we just need an ending.

The lynch-pin in the deal is the Swiss. The cultural Swiss elite invite Polanski to pop over from France to pick up a lifetime-achievement award, only to unwittingly set him up to get nabbed by the Swiss authorities as a lifetime-scumbag. Freaking hilarious! I liken the predicament of the Swiss to that of spilling hot liquid onto your crotch in public, and then trying to hold in the screaming pain-dance, which only magnifies the attention and embarrassment.

If only the conveniently-neutral Swissies had done the same thing with the Nazi’s when they came to retrieve their WWII booty, looted from the Jews et al. There would have been less need to hunt down the low-life Hitler-bastards from all corners of the world. But, in Polanski’s case, why now? It can't be that he is an expendable Jew in some of their minds (at least), can it?

It would be interesting to know if Polanski had cash stowed in UBS, the Swiss banking giant that just coughed-up the names of rich American tax scofflaws. He does own a Swiss ski chalet. This would have popped him onto a freshly-Windexed cross-tab screen at DOJ (felon and tax cheat), under Obama. Letting Polanski walk when the DOJ/IRS is coming down hard on rich, law-abiding, tax-cheats is not good prosecutorial business - it looks selective. Add to all of this the fact that the O-man’s got two budding girls of his own, so no slack in the Obama House. VIOLA ROMAN, YOUR BUSTED!!!

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it plays out, and definitely get ready to see this one on the big screen (but don’t look for a Spike Lee Joint). I can already imagine the agents in H-wood lining up the guys to play Roman. The Rule of Law - gotta’ love it baby.

James C. Collier


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Michael in LA said...

It's amazing (to me) having read the Los Angeles Times about Polanski and how many folks are ready to give him a pass...

I do find the Auschwitz and Sharon Tate factors interesting - but how many felons in Chino cite their hellish upbringings as the cause of their criminal behavior?

I'm a parent. If my son was raped and the convicted rapist took a runner - I wouldn't rest until he was locked up.

You've had a good run Roman - time to pay up...

Anonymous said...

HBO beat Spike to this one, if they can lock up Plaxico Burris, Michael Vick, and TI on trump up charges...then the Marshalls need to fuel Air Con 1, and go get his a**!