Thursday, October 30, 2008

Acting White: Friends Close...Enemies Closer

So with seven days to go, Bill is finally making nice with Obama, eh? What's up? Has he forgiven Barack for trouncing good old Hill, otherwise a shoe-in for heading the Demo-ticket into this election? Hardly, if you know Bill. The Clinton's have memories like elephants, and certainly don't like the crow they've had to force down these last few months, while some still-wet-behind-the-ears wanna-be walks off with their prize. Hillary, to her credit, has been soldiering-on for Obama. After being with Bill all these years, she's a pro at smiling through the pain. Bill, on the other hand...

Now do I think the Clinton's are racist? Yes, I do, but no more so than any other white or black politician in America. On top of their normal race sensitivities, let's not forget we are talking about lawyers on both sides of the scrimmage line. They are trained from the get-go to use every part of the pig, including the oink, to win. Race is just a high-card to be played when backs are against the wall, and favorite marbles are about to exchange pockets. Both Clinton's and Obama appealed to race as an issue. It's just that the Clinton's, followed by McCain/Palin, did it ever so poorly to the evolved taste of the voters.

So what do you do when the so-called affirmative action candidate whips your butt, fair and square? Well, you lick your wounds, make nice, and wait. In Hill and Bill's case, you definitely put the cozy on, because if this Obama dude not only wins the White House, but leads the party to 'run the table' on the Republicans, taking him down ain't gonna be without risks. Lots of folks who have been in the Clinton fold are running to the O-man about now, knowing that his vigilance will be on keeping a tight tab on the Clinton backroom-game and who is attending.

The best bet for the Clinton's is to make a good show of backing an Obama dent in this country's Bush mess. Helping him succeed is a much better strategy than undermining him. If he falters, expect them to pounce. Team Obama knows all of this. Should be interesting, but Obama must still get past Nov 4...

James C. Collier


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