Sunday, October 19, 2008

Acting White: Colin Powell Endorses Obama

The NYT reports today that Former Secretary of State and well-respected Republican Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama.

I have faith that Powell could extricate us from the Bush-Iraq debacle better than any other man this country has. If Bush had listened to the General at the outset we probably would not have wasted thousands of lives and billions of tax dollars lining the pockets of Cheney's war-contracting thug-buddies.

If called upon by Obama, I'm sure the patriotic Powell would jump in with both hands and feet, as this is the kind of man he is. I have always admired him and wish I could have voted for him for president. I also understand his desire to not put his family through the dirt of presidential politics.

Powell's criticisms of McCain's campaign are fair and on target, with the simple descriptor that it has been 'over the top'. Unlike McCain's half-assed vetting of Sarah Palin, you can bet the General has gone over Obama with a fine-toothed comb before lending him his good name. For many Americans, this will mean something.

The Times also reports that Obama raised a record $150M this past month, with 632K new contributors. It seems Americans really are looking for a change.

James C. Collier


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AAW said...

I saw the "breaking news" this morning and Powell being interviewed outside the NBC studios. His clear-cut and thoughtful answers showed he didn't make his decision based on race (as Tom Brokaw asked on MTP) or popularity but how he felt as an American.

The Fitness Diva said...

This endorsement comes at a perfect time, if not just a bit early. I wish they'd have waited a few more days and then just went "BAM"!...there it is. The public's attention span is short. They tend to act when things are still fresh in their minds.

However, I'm thinking that this just could be the nail in the McCain campaign's coffin.
Now, just get us to Nov 4th and get it done!