Friday, September 19, 2008

Acting White: OJ on Trial in Las Vegas

So here we go again, "Mr. If I Did It" OJ in front of the legal system. So what if the police in Vegas were giddy at the prospect of putting his murdering butt in jail for good. It's the same thing I was thinking when he got arrested with his thuggish buddies over memorabilia, for God sakes. Why should we forget that he killed his ex-wife Nicole and another innocent person. Let the facts of this case fall where they may, but don't ask us to forget. I hope this time the police are not so stupid as to have planted evidence that will let him walk free again. And while I am Friday-ranting, too bad he can't share a cell with Mark Furhman, Mr. L.A. Confidential Frame-up, who is the likely reason OJ has been free all these years, to continue his stupid act.

James C. Collier


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