Thursday, September 11, 2008

Acting White: Bitter White Folks For Obama

I just got around to checking out a site that requested a link. Here is what the blogger said,

"Hi I just came across your site and wondered if you wouldn't mind linking to my blog, "Bitter White Folks for Obama" - I'm trying to get the working-class, rural, white, Protestant "Appalachian" demographic (and their descendants, of which I am one) behind him as much as I am able by sounding off from my own vantage point. From what I've been reading about Obama's "Appalachian Problem", this is going to be an absolutely crucial task for the next two months as it may be them who decide where things go (many of those battleground areas, for instance in eastern Ohio are primarily Appalachian migrants to the North)..."

I think the site is legit, and presents a side of the people that the MSM isn't really interested in showing.

Check it out.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

God Bless this guy. I went to school in Harrisburg PA and I know how those Appalachian folk think and being Black is not a favorite of theirs. It's not that they are KKK racist they just don't give a shit about Black People. I think it's a lost cause and Obama should worry about Virginia more because that's where he has a real chance. West VA, Middle PA, and parts of Ohio are not even worth the effort.

uglyblackjohn said...

It may have an impact on people who follow every poll, blog or rumor. It might not effect the area intended but the site will have a possitive effect over all.

Unknown said...

Wow this guy is going to have a lot of resistance to this one. These people have no intention for voting a black man president. I was watching interviews of people close to that region on real news a few months back, and it was obvious they want no parts of a black guy as President.