Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deejay Axed for Using Imus Phrase on Show et al

Deejay axed for using Imus phrase on show - Denver Post

Don Imus Is Fired by CBS Radio - Washington Post

If this Don Imus Rutgers dust-up causes America to debate the acceptance of Gangsta Rap lyrics, I would happily vote that he should get early work release from his punishment, conditioned on good behavior, not that anyone is asking me.

I am not a familiar with women’s basketball, but the men with all their tattoos look like Hep A/B poster-kids of a bunch of ex-cons, and no one should have to tiptoe around this obvious issue. Racist, sexist name-calling is a different 'kettle of fish'.

It is interesting that the two sides defending Mr. Imus represent ideological opposites in their view of his words. The first group, lead by angry white men, feel they he should be able to say anything he wants because it’s a free country, rappers use the terms already, and this is one more example of their country ‘going to the Snoop dogs’ at a speedy clip. The second group, lead by angry black men, realize the trap of demeaning terms, and know that a double-standard keeps the foul-mouthed rappers in the business of polluting our airwaves, and thwarting group advancement.

I am against commercializing dysfunction in any form, and no group has the right to force their dysfunction on others under the auspices of cultural diversity. Gansta Rap should be treated the same way we treat pornography, protected from our ears except in the privacy of our own headphones.

While Imus may have inadvertently done us a favor in bringing this issue to a boil, I have no sympathy for the copycat Deejay in Allentown, PA, who got himself fired by running a "Phrase That Pays” contest where the winners had to call in and say, “I’m a nappy-headed hoe”. This neat packaging of our dysfunction should not go without full punishment, and deserves no mercy. You’re Fired!

James C. Collier


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Unknown said...

Hotep! Now that Imus is gone, we are talking about the bullseye being placed on hip hop lyrics in the Electronic Village. You are invited to share your insights with us as we sit under the baobob tree and enjoy each other's company. peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

I agree, this copycat guy gets no love from me