Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Obama Blinks All Debate, Romney Surges

Anyone who knows or reads me, knows that I have plenty of bones to pick with President Obama about the last four years. Nevertheless, I plan to vote for him, as the lesser of evils (certainly a far cry from why I voted for him in 2008). Today's bone is special and about why in hell he let Mitt open a can of whup-ass on him in the debate. I mean really - the only lie Mitt did not tell that night was that his best friend growing up was an old black man named 'Smokey'.

Being presidential is one thing, getting punk'd by Mitt is quite the other. Samuel Jackson, and his kids, had to be throwing around the F-bombs like M&M's that night.

I think Obama forgot the most important numbers. Fifty percent of Americans don't think his behind should have ever THOUGHT that a black man should run the country. Another twenty-five percent said we will give you ONE CHANCE, so you better not F--- it up! That leaves only another twenty-five percent solidly in his corner.

Now, while the one-chancer's are willing to concede that the devil-duo of Bush/Cheney left way more than a hella-mess for Obama to deal with, no one likes to see their leader get his ass whupped by a lying-thieving private-equity bastard who made his fortune by buying companies, loading them with debt, raping them, and then shooting them in the head. Nice f---ing guy!

I have never seen so many depressed Dems and Independents in my life! The Repubs are saying, 'hell, we just might win this MF'!

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

If you look at fact check.org you will see that both bent the truth about equally.
And you description of Mr. Romney of course is the same all other died in the wool media and other libs use regardless of any facts.
And of course you ignore the majority of the issues the man you plan to vote for has.
YOUR prejudice is showing!

Unknown said...

I think this was a plan to wear Romney out of all his tactics, and then pull out the heavy artillery at the next two debates. Obama can't lose just yet! We all have qualms about each side, but I'm confident that Obama has much more vested interest in our wellbeing than Romney.

My bias is on my sleeve!

James C. Collier said...

"how do you tell when a politician's lying - his mouth is moving!" Well, in the case of these two, perhaps, but Factcheck called added Romney as a 'serial exaggerator', while re-casting himself in this election as a true conservative (chameleon) from his MA governor days.
I still put the blame on Obama for getting himself punk'd.
As for PE swine, I don't have to be a Bain Fellow and HBS'87 grad to know Mitt's antics - but I am - so there.

The Sanity Inspector said...

Maybe the President was distracted, thinking about the big mess he's going to inherit.

There are probably quite a lot of people who voted in '08 to prove they aren't racist, who are going to vote in '12 to prove they aren't masochists.

Anonymous said...

What do a person have to be to ignore all of Obama's antics? Do we have to start a list?