Friday, March 16, 2012

Trayvon Martin Killing: America's Nightmare

After eighteen days, some answers are finally beginning to come out (here) about this tragic killing in Sanford, FL, just beyond Orlando. The fact that the unarmed young man, Trayvon Martin, was black and his pursuer/killer, a 9mm-armed, white, neighborhood watch captain, yet charged, only makes the whole damn thing all the more vexing. It is clear that the police have their own agenda, which may center on explaining why this neighborhood vigilante was allowed to have a gun and walk the streets, in the first place.

The Sanford Police released the 911 recording today, made through the assailant's cell phone, beginning with seventeen year-old Trayvon 'looking suspicious' walking down the street with skittles (candy) and a soft-drink, and ending with him seemingly begging his eventual killer to stop. Even though the 28 year-old shooter, George Zimmerman, was instructed by the 911 operator to stop following the boy, Zimmerman ignored this and ultimately shot and killed the youngster, to the claim of self-defense.

The recording is already painting a picture that should push calls for second-degree, possibly first-degree murder. The police delay in arresting Zimmerman, while infuriating, will surely invite state and federal authorities into the investigative/prosecution mix, which will be good. Small southern towns are not known for their even-handed investigations and prosecutions.

I ache for Trayvon's parents, as I am continually forced to remain vigilant, with my own son, to all the challenges ready to snatch away the future of young boys/men still buying candy and dreaming about their futures.

Stay Tuned.

Update 3/20: "The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI have opened an investigation into the "facts and circumstances" surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin."

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Because of this murder, Zimmerman, who is Latino, has now graduated to honorary white man status. I think this is the main reason why he was not arrested and is allowed to be free. Many Hispanics and Asians know that it is a good strategy to attack blacks in one way or another in order to become closer and more acceptable to whites.

ogunsiron said...

There are lots and lots of white cubans. People often forget that cuba is a multiracial society a bit like the usa. The main difference with the usa is that there are many more mixed race individuals there and that mixed-race is an actually recognized category. Zimmerman is said to have black blood but he and other cubans probably always considered him white.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman? Sounds like a Jew. Maybe we should do some DNA testing. That way, we can be sure if it was a "hate" crime or not.

Anonymous said...

Instead of trying to make this about an agenda like so many do maybe we can make it about truth and justice and nothing else and let all the other BS take care of itself.

atldude said...

Kinds of fits well into the the "acting white" theme of the blog, no? Zimmerman has been lucky (not arrested) and unlucky (called racist/hate crime) for being "white". That old double-edged sword.

But what if he had been black? Interesting NPR story on it:

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I have no tears for Trayvon Martin. I have a fear that if I start to cry, I may never stop. I might remember the many that have been killed with no justice. RIP Trayvon