Monday, March 05, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Self-Immolation Not A Fluke

It is hard to imagine Don Imus, Mr. Them Sure Are Some Nappy-headed Ho's, giving Rush Fluke's a slut Limbaugh advice, but this is exactly what transpired earlier today. Imus told Limbaugh to load his fat butt onto his Gulf Stream private jet, and fly to wherever and apologize like a man, to Ms. Fluke. Rush countered by pouring a little more gasoline on himself and once again lighting up. (here) The best part is George Will calling the Republicans, especially Romney, cowards for not checking Limbaugh(here). John Boehner said Limbaugh's name calling was inappropriate. Wow, that's tough talk from the Republican leader!

James C. Collier


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Looking To Escape said...

Fluke was panhandling for freebies and went to Georgetown to create a stir.
She got her stir.
To call her courageous would be like Limbaugh calling her a slut.

Anonymous said...

Rush's only mistake was that he should called a black woman a slut. Because none of these womens groups and sponsors would have done noting.

Anonymous said...

Like Bill Mahr hasn't publicly called women sluts and worse on his show.....
Just like politicians have called Tea Party members racists and worse without one single word of proof while the occupy nut cases are saints.

Just more liberal hypocrisy.