Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gainesville FL High School Girls Go On Racist Rant

Much is being made of how these two young ladies chose to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame. Unfortunately, that fame will last a lot longer than their immaturity warrants - but hey, so did a scar I got on my face from running recklessly into a dark garage at age twelve - them's the breaks!

Anyway, I think parents of all ethnic origins need to pay more attention to what their kiddies are learning and spouting, from everywhere, and try to impress upon them how certain bells-of-behavior cannot be easily un-rung, if at all. Of course, first on this list is snot-noses not making more snot-noses. However, it gets tricky when kiddies are spouting dribble that their parents too casually toss about. What then?

Well, I think parents need to use disclaimers with their kids. It should sound something like, "Hey Johnny, Suzie, or Tyree, don't repeat the s_it you hear at home, out in public, unless you want to totally eff-up your life for an internet eternity". If they need more encouragement, they can google Anthony "Chink-in-the-Armor" Frederico, formerly of ESPN mobile.

James C. Collier


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Looking To Escape said...

I think videos of this type show a certain elemental truth about life in America.
You get the usual hysterical responses but the messages contained do have truths.
Maybe the better response to videos such as these should be to discuss the issues presented instead of denouncing them like a bunch of Maoists.
The only mistake these girls really made was to not present this video as a comedy routine, you can see stuff like this on HBO.

Anonymous said...

Yes cuz never forget that "she's Cuban not Mexican"! LOL! and that her "family owned half of Cuba, and her granddaddy was a mayor" etc.,etc. LOLOL!
Little girl, Mexico can swallow Cuba ten or more times over! AND Mexico was making films among other things waaaaay before the U.S. and has anybody told her that the Arab Empire ruled over half the world at one time? On second thought it might make her go off the deep end... But I digress...

As I understand it, when Castro took over the ruling classes properties, they still managed to retain most of their money and when they fled to the US they were treated royally by the US in order to make the Cubans that were left behind on the island jealous. So the Cubans that came here have always had the doors of opportunity opened to and for them. The fact is that they have always felt and been entitled. So this child is only giving voice to the predominating sentiment of her family and possibly her people.

Actually she sounds unhappy and alienated. I wish her the best, and let's hope as fate would have it, she doesn't fall in love with a brother, her folks would prolly not be too happy I'm sure LOL!

Anonymous said...

Agree with "Looking To Escape"

These girls aren't repeating racist rhetoric they hear from their parents. They're describing their environment and what they're (allegedly) seeing in their everyday life

Due to political correctness it's not acceptable to speak so bluntly like this. Funny point by Looking To Escape that it'd be totally fine if they'd said the same thing but as a comedy routine

Anonymous said...

Look it's good to speak Your mind but unfortunately not like this you are not hurting nobody but your Home ...There are more white People on welfare ..killing there kids in other People kids sexual it's a shame. So you right on some shit but dame not like this. You are going to make your House a terrible place to stay this black history month ...we don't need to hear this ...p.s I'm mix with black in white so back then it didn't matter what color of the skin it just matters who loved who....signed ....duvals proudly black woman

Anonymous said...

Everything they said was true, what's the big deal? I mean it sounds a little immature but if you have ever lived in the south that's the way black are...promise