Friday, February 24, 2012

Anti-White Racism, Hating on Whitey And The Myth Of Black Racism

Yesterday, on the heels of the Gainesville and Santaluces white girl rants (here), and Jeremy Lin'sanity', I asked myself why people care so much about what silly teenage white girls think about blacks. With little effort, I found numerous black rants about whites, including this recent tweet by a standout Maryland high school football star, Stefon Diggs (headed to U. of Marlyland), who could not help but tweet "Everybody need to get off Jermey Lin egg roll and dumplings he's good though". (here) That was pretty stupid and racist, but I doubt the boy will lose his scholarship. If he was white, however - not so fast.

So, the question of the day is why blacks can say just about anything about whites (or Asians), while even the nuttiest, immature, whites are held to a rather impossible (it seems) standard? Now, I'm not saying that whites be allowed to spout racism, but rather that non-whites neither benefit from, or deserve a free-pass to spew anti-anybody venom. I do not subscribe to the general principle that whites have somehow forfeited the protection of not being guilty of racism by mere ethnic association. Everyone should worry that what comes out of their mouths will be judged by the same standard - racist is racist, stupid is stupid.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

hmm. Good question.

Maybe it's that slurs against whites don't bring up anything that means anything today - no loss of status or power. (I'm a white male, by the way.)

I am wracking my brain trying to think of a slur against whites that has the power of certain words used today against African-Americans or Chinese-Americans (to mention just two of the groups in the news today w/r/t slurs being used against them).

Man, I never thought I'd say this, but it comes down to this, that whites aren't disturbed from their status or position through words; there is no past to bring up.

I don't have the real answers, of course. I'm just thinking out loud, and exposing my raw thoughts and my ignorance.

Anonymous said...

It is because there is no such thing as equality. Culturally, Caucasians are held to different standards than blacks. It's a power thing, an "edge," a manipulative tool. The liberal media run by the liberal elite has ingrained in "whites" that they should be perpetually guilty and keeps them walking on eggshells whereas other peoples can more openly speak their minds about their prejudices and bigotries. "Whitey" quivvers in fear of being labeled the "r" word, while "blacky" thinks that nothing he says can be ray-cist because he is not white. Maybe the two girls in the video are rebelling against the politically correct party line. They don't fall for it hook, line and sinker because it doesn't mesh with the reality that they perceive around them. Their silly teenage ramblings reveal some very raw, profound, interesting and dysfunctional aspects of our American culture.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's that slurs against whites don't bring up anything that means anything today - ...

I am wracking my brain trying to think of a slur against whites that has the power of certain words used today against African-Americans [...]

A slur is more subtle than dropping the nuclear "N" bomb that brings such shock and awe. It was/is a useful weapon, but it's just a cover. Most "slurs" are ideological; they are subtle and are incorporated into a human being over time. You are programming the adults of tomorrow. We are bringing up children to be "proud" or "ashamed" of their skin color, something which they had nothing to do with. We are bringing up children with the stereotyping baggage of being the forever "oppressor" or the forever "victim" because they happen to be born in Amerika and associating this with a skin color, when in fact, they are neither and they are both.

Anonymous said...


Been the target of anti-white slurs, violence, and intimidation for the last 40 years. Guess we just "asked for it" by being white.

Finally someone gets it.

Basso e Grasso said...

Racialism can be understood in evolutionary terms, but it doesn't come from the best part of us. It stems from the workings of the reptilian portion of the brain.

Anonymous said...

This is just one of many ways that blacks (and to a degree, hispanics) are held to a lower standard, and poor behavior/performance is more tolerated. (Unless you're dealing with a cop!)

It's all probably a natural societal response to the undoing of segregration/Jim Crow... and like with many other types of adjustments of complex systems, it's over-compensated and gone a bit too far... and will at some point or in some way have to pull back.

Until then (and that adjustment can take generations), the current politically correct ideology that "we're all equal" (and if we're not all experiencing similar success it must be the fault of the "system") will continue to make excuses for seemingly endless poor black performance (poor academic performance, high crime, high violence, failed neighborhoods, failed cities, failed nations, and a failed continent). And excuse-making just continues to enable the bad behavior

I just hope this politically correct ideology isn't here to stay for good...

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that petty bigotry is who we are as people, irrespective of racial background. Every group has individuals who harbor these attitudes. The difference is, and this is important: white people have corporate-sponsored platforms for spouting their racism (e.g. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter). And I don't want to exclude certain presidential candidates for President of the United States who's ratings surged after spouting bigoted venom directed at Black people.A young person tweeting does not rise to the comparison.

Anonymous said...

It's strange too how even blacks can talk about negatively about the skin color of other blacks.

A co-worker, a woman, told me how some of her in-laws say petty things about her like, "She thinks she is all that with her light skin."

If they can go that low they can easily go to the level of being racist against whites and yes, you never hear a thing about it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, black-on-other-minority racism is a major problem:

I think it's because people, especially but not only white folk, are afraid to call it racism when black people do it. You can argue semantics about whether it's really "racism" as such -- when blacks treat other blacks from different neighborhoods or with slightly different skin tones, maybe it's just misanthropy -- but it's a serious problem and it needs to be dealt with.