Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White People – Too Smart for Their Own Damn Good

White folks are smart. I get it. I knew this long before I walked into Rome’s Pantheon, 2,000 years old and the world’s oldest and largest unsupported dome structure, 43.5 meters in diameter and height. There is nothing like it in Africa, the Americas, Asia, or Australia. But, it has always struck me that should not the smartest folks be those whose intelligence does not repeatedly get them into inescapable storms of conflict? Everywhere I look I see pissed-off white folks because of non-whites who are not suppose to be as smart have allegedly unraveled white ingenuity into chaos. Now, I’m not saying anybody else is smarter, rather that IQ scores, as we generate them, do not seem to be holding up the leading edge, especially if you listen to white complaints.

When the romance-language speakers first got the idea to capture and export slaves to the Americas it must have seemed like they had re-invented gold. The cost was fractions of pennies, and the cash flowed back with little effort on their part. Plus, when they were not working for the master, the captives made baby slaves to replace their old worn out, broken-down kin-folk. In hindsight, their plan was half-baked, due to this nagging problem of the slaves not having great attitudes concerning their pay and work conditions. In the end, nobody was happy. And now we have Detroit.

The Dutch and British were thinking the same thing when they landed in South Africa. They had beautiful landscape, great weather, and all these Africans ready, with the right encouragement, to work mining diamonds and gold. This is great! Just keep everybody separate and all will be cool. But again, here comes them frowny-face Mandela-worshiping black folks. Black S. Africans just could not get it together to enjoy the benefits of all those smart white folks telling them what to do. So why did the Afrikaners, in their smartness, not account for this?

The British went at it again in India. They got their hands around the country, but could not hold on to it. In a higher strategy of white brilliance, the British East India Company kept the Hindus fighting the Muslims and it was looking pretty good until this irritating fellow, Gandhi, showed up and peace-sat their behinds out the door. Mahatma had not a button, a belt, or a damn zipper, but he sent the empire on its way.

Not to simply keep piling on the Europeans, we can swing over to Asia and see how much of a mess the Japanese, who warmly refer to themselves as white-Asians, have made being smarter and whiter than the Chinese, the Koreans, and even the originals, white America. Now, I would be remiss if I did not go far enough back in history, say 50,000 years, where there were many smart Africans stirring up more poop than their smarts could handle too, despite figuring how to get off the mother rock in the first damn place.

These few examples (and there are more where these came from) make me wonder when the highest IQ folks will ever become smart enough to learn their lesson? As smart Tea Party folks strategize over fixing the ‘now-broken’ Fourteenth Amendment, American business has long-profited from lax immigration policy. But now, again, other smart white folks are unhappy, with many unhappy Mexicans sure to follow.

When it comes to high intelligence, it’s always good until the smart do-do hits the fan – but why are the smarties so surprised? After all, they are so smart. Between slavery, immigration, the new math, the old math, genetic finger-printing, DNA databases, the smarter the leading edge gets the closer humanity gets to extinction. I heard the Finns cooked a man in a 230 degree (F) sauna competition the other day. Now that’s crazy-tragic, and no one is smarter, per capita, than the Finns.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

I believe the reason the whites seem to be so 'smart' and other peoples want to lighten their because, in the bible, the Roman Empire is the last one before Jesus's in the book of Daniel and Nebecanezzers dream of 'iron feet and clay toes' just a thought. What people don't realize,is MOSES wrote the first 5 books of the bible and he listened to his BLACK father-in-law about setting up the first government in Israel Exodus 18: 17-24...just a thought

Anonymous said...

I might add: many tribes in Africa, the Ashantis were one, who took over smaller weaker tribes and sold them to white men, they also had slaves for themselves. Since they were slaves already to a degree, some didn't know how to escape after the middle passage..

J said...

Intelligence is no match for arrogance and greed. Intelligence will lose. Which is a bit surprising considering it was in Greece that the idea of hubris and the punishment that follows developed in plays and popular mythology. (It exists in other cultural groups as well, but hubris is the white manifestation.)

James C. Collier said...

I don't think intelligence is rumor. And I definitely think it is advancing in all people. However, the emphasis and providence placed on measured disparities in groups and/or individuals needs tempering by empirical outcomes. Its what you do with your smarts you have that counts.

Anonymous said...

I had the interesting childhood experience of a Jamaican father and white mother and thus, able to observe both families in their natural habitat. No way in hell the white folks were smarter than the West Indians. The white relatives were ignorant, superstitious, cautiously racist (around us- likely more blatant with their own) and generally embarrassing. The West Indians were educated, erudite and upwardly mobile.
I never saw white folks to be smarter and am grateful for every bit of Black common sense I was able to acquire.
Just an empirical observation...

atldude said...

"And now we have Detroit." - ha! brilliant.

I agree with Jaime, intelligence is no match for arrogance and greed. Hip-hop/thug/bling culture, I'm looking at you.

@wickedwisdom -being "adventurous"doesn't show lack of intelligence, just maybe more free time?

great post, James.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are starting to have adventures today--mountain climbing surfing, etc. Also, what destroyed Greece and cultures like that was the breakdown of the family in a nutshell

Anonymous said...

Sort of like the FDNY testing being called racist as there is a low number of blacks passing, even though the judge said none of the questions were racist, just that the results were racist because many black men were not passing and getting FD jobs.

Since there aren't many blacks in the FD the testing is attacked.
Isn't testing done to make sure a person can do a job competently?
IF testing standards are lowered to allow more blacks in, what it seems is wanted, that can't pass the current testing who will take the blame and the lawsuits when people die to life and death mistakes made when a newly hired under the lower standards black FD employee screws up?

What's next? Lower standards for doctors, pharmacists, surgeons?

It isn't about skin color when a person doesn't qualify to do a job it's about who can do the job competently regardless of skin color.

James C. Collier said...

Anon 4:13, What you call white vicitories over other whites, I call mopping up big white screw-ups. It's all in your perspective.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the boy reading the book is mine and that is my son. You do not have my permission to use it. Take down the photo immediately. Thank you.

Angie Hill

James C. Collier said...

@Anon 1:43, As with others, I am happy to remove a photo, if the purported owner request it and provides reasonable evidence of ownership, in the form of a copyright notice. The removable process, from all instances of use (post), is involved and extends beyond simply deleting the photograph from a post. Please contact me by email. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

the white people are smart because they're atlantean arians or Lemurians!a little known fact they don't want you to know .they have some integrated into all races of all countries that have controlled those countries from the top down .I think when you judge a certain microcosm of whites you're not getting the whole picture .this is a grand grand conspiracy and spans many millenia maybe from the beginning of known society .they also propagate busy counter propaganda keeping us from knowing the truth and never ending circle of division .but what I would like to know is what really makes them smarter .so I can take whatever they're taking .penn fight fire with fire !

Unknown said...

Many writers are so desperate to discredit any suggestion of an innate human constitution that they have thrown logic and civility out the window. Elementary distinctions- some versus all, probable versus always, and is versus ought, are eagerly flouted to paint human nature as an extremist doctrine and thereby steer readers away from it. The analysis of ideas is commonly replaced by political smears and personal attacks. This poisoning of the intellectual atmosphere has left us unequipped to analyze pressing issues about human nature just as new scientific discoveries are making them acute.