Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black-on-Black Racism: Part II

Recently, I wrote about the two black kids in S. Carolina that sued their school for racial harassment (here), at the hands of fellow black kids. The school district settled out-of-court for $150,000. In that post, I placed emphasis for the award on the retaliation taken by the school administrators against the family. The school initiated an investigation by DSS (Department of Social Services), as to the fitness of the mother/caretaker of the two girls, and one boy. Said investigation included false claims of beatings and pimping of the girls.

As it turns outs, the uncle who testified (as reported) on behalf of the girls is the ‘boy’ mentioned above. He was a 15 year old student in the same district as the younger girls and was also subjected to verbal and physical abuse by the black kids. The attorney for the family, Lawrence C. Kobrovksy, read my post and sent me the full transcript of the boy’s testimony. Suffice to say, it was heart-wrenching and amazing testimony. The treatment of the family, both by students and administrators, can only be characterized as brutal.

The name-calling and assaults were, without doubt, racism, but the kind that is allowed to remain protected within the black community. The offending black students saw the three black kids as white, and treated them with all the hate one could muster for someone of another color. The label of ‘acting White’, preceded constant threats, assaults, and finally, the attempt to break-up the family by the district. After my reading, the $150,000 settlement seemed a pittance of punishment to the school district.

The boy’s testimony presented a transference of hate for whites and their behaviors, in this S. Carolina community, onto any blacks who are perceived to ‘act White’, by (in his words) pursuing academics, rather than using/selling drugs, getting into trouble with the law, and other 'acceptable' behaviors. He described that there were no whites in the public schools, as they would suffer a similar, but worst, abuse. The boy’s description of his stand against these people and their abuse is compelling.

Inasmuch as the ‘Black Belt’, that concentration of Blacks across southern states, remains intact, the experience of these kids in S. Carolina is probable. Addressing Black racism, be it against whites, or against blacks, needs to come out of the closet. It should be no more acceptable than white-on-black abuse, or vice-versa. This is the only way Blacks can gain a foothold in getting at those of the group left behind in the shadow of advancement.

James C. Collier


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Plane Ideas said...

Nonsense commentary not worthy of any significant dicussion or discourse..

This entire site reflects the mindset of a person with very low self esteem that needs to publish commentaries to appease whites and validate thier self worth via these types of commentaries and narratives..

The entire construct of Black on Black racism is pure fiction and is nothng more than an appeal and reaction by many Blacks wounded by the diease and pathologies of white racism . The author of this site apparently needs the approval of whites. In many circles these Black apologist types have other personality shortcomings..

It is at best a distorted perception only given value by whites in denial and Blacks wounded by white racism..

Anonymous said...

But who is really being punished by the $150,000 award? "The school district" didn't do this, and "the school district" isn't really an entity that can be punished in this way anyway.

Second, do you think that if the same events had transpired but the kids had said "nerdy" instead of "white" that the same action should have been taken? Or does the "racism" involved make it different?

James C. Collier said...

Anon 1:25, District employees initiated the DSS investigation with bogus allegations. Of course, the initiator should have been terminated, but barring that the award is a surrogate punishment, as well as compensation for damage.

Secondly, Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act covers race (in part), not geekiness.

Granted, I am stretching racial discrimination, but I think it is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

"the initiator should have been terminated, but barring that the award is a surrogate punishment, as well as compensation for damage."

I understand the compensation reasoning, but the idea of "surrogate punishment" is abhorrent to me. In my humble opinion, punishment should be reserved for the guilty.

"Secondly, Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act covers race (in part), not geekiness."

I'm assuming this means "yes, it's different". In a purely legalistic sense, you're correct.

Anyway, this whole case reminds me of a video I saw of an immigration rally. A hispanic teenager there went over to the other side and started instigating. He did something or other, and a white cop came to break it up and eventually arrested the kid. The kid kept shouting "Let go of me, nigga! I didn't do nothin, nigga!" at the cop. Now let's say that the kid had managed to get free and slug the cop. Should he be charged with a hate crime?

I think this case stretches the definition of "racial harassment" too far. Surely what happened to the kids is terrible, but is it really racial in nature? They were bullied by other kids for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Isn't that the dream?

And were the "District employees" specifically persecuting these kids for "acting white"?

This all just seems to come from our society's complete inability to say "no, that's not racism" when presented with any issue with a hint of race. Think about Harry Reid's comment. I'm really troubled when I consider how far this may go.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the author bringing this behavior to light and hope that people like mr. "thrasher" will eventually see that light because if they do not, racism of all kinds will continue in this country.

To deny this truth and others is the purest form of racial hypocrisy.

Plane Ideas said...

Intellectual cowards who post under anonymous are not worthy of my response...

Anonymous said...

and "Thrasher" is a name worthy of comment?
And name calling is the last repose of someone with no worthy point to discuss..

And who asked for your comment.
It's obvious you see things only as you care to regardless of what the facts of this matter say.

Keep your racial head in the sand and let people who realize recognizing both sides of an issue work out all racism's ugliness.
Not just the ones on ones one side sees.

Anonymous said...

"The author of this site apparently needs the approval of whites."

Thrasher you are my hero!. I have been reading this blog for a few months now and it is obvious that James Collier has adopted a "white mind frame." I agree his whole "black on black racism" theory is total crap. I find it ironic that somehow he is able to identify and explain cases of "black on black racism" but TOTALLY ignores the blatantly racist comments that are posted by his viewers. Case in point: Jael "I don't think Black racism against Whites will ever "come out of the closet" ... it is an acceptable form of racism in America, one that Whites have been indoctrinated to accept and Blacks feel justified in doing."



Anonymous said...

Somewhat similar story that has been making the rounds:

Anonymous said...



To deny a problem is to continue it and it's insinuation into black society and it will aid in the further downfall of blacks in America just like the continuing, never slowing as in other groups, increase in teenage pregnancy among the impoverished.

There's nothing like being poor and making yourself even more poor by having even more mouths to feed and care for but then that's how you get welfare checks.

anon and proud.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see black racism exists by the last few posts here.

The so called hero and the zero that called him one.

Keep dragging our race down and MLK's dream will never come true.

Anonymous said...

"It's easy to see black racism exists by the last few posts here."

Yea, and its easy to see that you are blind to the obvious white racism and tommish behavior on this thread.

"Keep dragging our race down and MLK's dream will never come true."

Huh??? Are you Black? If you are I must ask you, WHO'S REALITY ARE YOU LIVING IN?? Our race is being dragged down by tommish individuals such as yourself. Ohh yea buddy, MLK's dream also included an end to American imperialism and economic injustice. In one speech, he stated that "something is wrong with capitalism" and claimed, "There must be a better distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism. King also quoted a United States official, who said that, from Vietnam to South America to Latin America, the country was "on the wrong side of a world revolution. DO YOU SUPPORT HIS WHOLE VISION? Or just perfer the soundbite about the content of a man's character?


Anonymous said...

MLK wanted us all to be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.

It's easy to see you disagree.

You hate whitey and it's obvious you would rather have wealth redistributed than earn it and you'd steal it right of whitey's pockets if given a chance.

So much for YOUR character.

Drag us down just a little more every day and sooner than later we won't be able to crawl out of the hole you make for us.

Socialism does not work. No one need have a work ethic in a socialistic state.

Oh, yeah, that's how it's going now with a large section of black society now.

And we see how well THAT'S going.

Ramble on........

Anonymous said...

I guess it is naive of me to want an America where blacks can be judged by a character worth judging.

It aint happening and you are proof. Play the same old blame game.

How about just getting out of the way of blacks that want to work hard and advance their lives instead of hoping for socialism.

Jael said...

"Truth is people like Collier have been inflicted with the diease of white racism part of the pathology of this diease is the need to be a Black apologist and to have low self esteem issues...."

No, the TRUTH is people like Collier have NOT been inflicted with the disease of "white" racism; affected, yes. INFECTED, no. The proof is that the man can STILL USE HIS BRAIN TO OBJECTIVELY (as much as a person can) AND THOUGHTFULLY ANALYZE issues, come to HIS OWN conclusions about the truth of something and seek real solutions instead of band-aids. And not care what the (m)asses think. Why would he need to be a "black apologist" or a "white" one, for that matter? Self-esteem issues come to light when it is noticed that someone loudly and angrily needs to blame everyone but themselves for their personal failures in life and make ad hominem attacks on others. Another thoughtful, analytical blog by a person who voices the unpopular solutions to the Socialist bottom-feeders.

Plane Ideas said...


Posts likes to make ad hominem attacks on poster who dare to diagree with him..

Anonymous said...

My big Question What U.S Imperialism, more like U.S ineptitude. Instead of standing up to the Soviets and making the world more free we bowed out while the murderers of millions and the enslavers of the eastern European continent walked free. Stalin and all his Bolshevik, Maoist, Socialist ilk represent the forces of suppression that squelch mankinds productivity, by dividing us and robbing us.

As to Thrasher and others who feel Black rascism isn't real or that anyone who disagrees with them is a white apologist you are dead wrong i can point to several racial groups that were discriminated against as bad as we were, that sucessfully INTEGRATED into the country. See this is really a sociological battle against Black Culture and American Culture(I.E not white but the shared experiences that made all people in this country great).
Would it trouble you all to know W.E.B Dubois was a socialist who supported the NAZI eugenics experiments hoping to learn from them so that we could weed out the inferior negro?

As much as i love and respect Dr. Kings legacy, he like all people have beleifs that are not good in practice. Govrnment can't make people equal we by the very nature of the universe in which we live in can not be equal. Government should only exist to secure us the liberties that allow us equal opportunities beyond that they need to stay out of our lives.

Addressing the point about the 60% of whites on welfare, to be fair or honest I don't see too many in the white community wearing their poor status like a badge of honor while they chase childish fantasies fueled by destroying the community around them with drugs. That is not to say it doesn't happen in the white community, only they don't glorify it as a lifestyle to take pride in.

my final point is U.S imperialism. We are a piss poor empire rome held more land than us, as did russia, Nazi germany , England, Greece, need I go on. Our current "colonial holdings" if you can call them that, are the U.S Virgin islands, and Puerto Rico, which aside from the beautiful women(Rico), and nice resort land reall y do nothing for us, and they are really both under our protection, even our so called "Fascist Warmonger evil Imperialist plan" in Iraq and Afghanistan involves making those countries stable democracies where their people can complain without being beheaded, or stoned. If that is our goal then call me a Fascist Warmonger.

Reality is... said...

I think that one of the most incurable diseases in the world has to be racism. As far as same race racism goes I am not sure that I totally agree with that statement meaning that I am torn because it is both right and wrong in the same since. When I look in my community or in other parts of New York City and I see others of my ethnicity that have a better job than I go to a better school than I do or even buy more groceries at the supermarket I don’t see myself as being racist I just wish that I had some of the things that they had or have bringing me to my next point. Does jealousy and envy and wanting what others have develop into racism against one of your fellow brothers or sisters? After the jealousy continues to grows and envy becomes its strongest does that mean that we hate those that might have more than us those that do better than us what is to come after? Do we start to hate those type of people specifically… but is that not classified as racism? Not only being against another race but against our own as well?