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Acting White: Black-On-Black Racism

I wanted to do a little extra digging into this case before commenting. The headlines seem a bit far fetched. Two Black kids, in S. Carolina, get $150,000 for being accused of ‘acting white’ by other Black kids? I certainly believe it happens, and there can be damage, but what role does the school play in policing this behavior, and how did they get to monetary compensation.

Well, as I suspected, there is more to the story than the headlines. At the heart, this is a case where Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, barring racial discrimination in programs that receive federal funding, was applied against the behavior of Black students and administrators, in an all-black Williamsburg County elementary school/district, who abused or allowed the abuse of the plaintiffs for ‘acting white’, or displaying academically advancing behavior. Story here.

The uncle of one of the plaintiffs seems to have delivered credible testimony as to life in rural S. Carolina and how the races live separately under different rules. "You see, it's a crime to act white, or it's a crime to be white," the uncle testified. Harassment, he testified, made him feel that "we are just dumb, we're just not people, we're undergraded [sic], we're degraded, and we're not even supposed to be in this world."

The complaining students were subject to verbal and physical abuse to a point where they had to be home-schooled. But the twist in the saga was an additional complaint of retaliation against the family by school administrators, whereby the County Department of Social Services (DSS) was asked to investigate the home of the plaintiffs.

So in the end, the $150,000 settlement was a way for the school system to cut their losses after first not protecting these kids from an intra-racially hostile learning environment, and then making matters worse by calling in DSS to look for bad parenting in their home. Quite a commentary on what can happen inside a Black community when families are aggressive at getting an education.

I’m only sorry that the settlement released the offending Black students and administrators from the official charge and finding of racism, as they certainly looked and acted guilty from this distance.

James C. Collier


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John said...

So now when blacks treat other blacks poorly, the result is that whites (through taxes) must pay up.

Are whites ever not ultimately responsible when blacks don't like something?

James C. Collier said...

John, in Williamburg, whites make up 33% vs. 66% of pop. for blacks and the school district is self-insured. Also, I'll bet there were also white administrators complicit in the DSS retaliation (where the $damage was really done). Seeing the dark cloud in acknowledging black racism with Title VI sounds like whine and cheese.

John said...

"whites make up 33% vs. 66% of pop. for blacks"

The relevant stat would be percent of taxes paid, not percent of population. Its not the least bit unusual for a majority-black area to have most of its taxes paid by its white minority. Its also likely that a significant portion of the district's budget is from a state wide fund, with a little federal mixed in.

"the school district is self-insured."

This could be more relevant (than population or tax percentages). Still, who pays the premiums, and will those premiums rise due to this payout? The taxpayers will be affected by this - perhaps not directly, but ultimately its still their money at risk.

"I'll bet there were also white administrators complicit"

Possible, but unlikely in an all black district that resides in a majority black city. No stories I found mention the race of the school officials, although it seems implied that they are black. Also, if they were white, its unlikely that it would've gone unmentioned. It would've changed the entire tone of the story - no longer strictly "intra-racial."

James C. Collier said...

John, your ignorance of the implications of equal protection under the Title VI law is hypocritical (to start). Had the plaintiffs been white, I (unlike you in this case) would have the balls to say they deserved compensation (by law) for damages received - and as a precedent for protecting the sanctity of lawful, if not exemplary, behavior. Stop being a whiner.

Jahluv said...

This is the reason why my son is in a small private school...

When a Black (public school) teacher tells me that my son "speaks proper" and tells me that I worry too much about my son not reading at grade level - I had to cut my losses and start cutting checks.

There is a Black cultural and class divide. I'm trying my best to stay on the right side of it...

John said...

"John, your ignorance of the implications of equal protection under the Title VI law is hypocritical (to start). Had the plaintiffs been white, I (unlike you in this case)"

From reading this blog, I actually thought you were above baseless implications of racism. I guess not.

I don't see a violation of Title VI. I don't think racism is possible when everyone involved is the same race - race-based cultural expectations are involved, but not racism.

As for your pointless and unfounded assertion that I would feel differently if the plaintiffs were white - probably not; and you have no basis to make such an accusation. I have a problem with our nation's increasing use of civil suits and the resulting payoffs. Being a victim shouldn't result in getting rich. Those who did wrong in this case come out unscathed - the bullying students and the officials likely get a slap on the wrist while the taxpayers are holding the bag (if not directly, then through higher insurance rates).

I also find it distressing that the article needs to mention - though implication - the existence of white racism/white flight when it quotes the uncle speaking about how segregated the school is.

See, its always white people's fault if you dig deep enough. And the end result, is that whites, who pay taxes to fund this school while paying again to send their kids to private schools (likely to avoid the guaranteed lowering of standards that nearly always accompanies a majority black public school) will pay for this settlement brought about entirely by black behavior.

And you wonder where the animosity comes from?

"John, why don't you go to the KKK dumb dumb website that's perfect for you?"

Sorry, I sometimes forget the rules. Honesty and a failure to kiss black ass equals racism.

James C. Collier said...

John, to give you the benefit of the doubt, you loosely mix your argument with monetary judgments with another for segregated justice, and then a third where one's color determines if they can be racist. First off, $150K was not excessive considering the issues. Second, segregated justice is unconstitutional (and stupid). Third, racism is treating someone differently because of their race (not yours) and nobody is immune. Your racism is mostly evidenced in choosing to mix all your crap up and dump it on a family of two poor black kids who just wanted to be good students. Not properly matching your angst/events makes you out to be a bully, at the least.

John said...

"another for segregated justice"

I've made no such argument. What I have done is point out the justified frustration that exists with whites who watch standards in education decline and violence go up when a public school becomes majority black (a fact you cannot argue with). These people then must pay to send their kids to private schools (not because they simply don't like blacks, but because the public schools are now failing) while they still fund the public schools. Then, to add insult to injury, the behavior of the people at the schools that they are forced to fund is so bad that a payout must be made, thus affecting their taxes - either through an increase or redirecting of funds from more important programs. So the result is a consistent and repeated financial screwjob of whites, all because blacks have a cultural aversion to education.

I can't claim to know the right answer, but the situation seems unfair to the taxpayers who have nothing to do with that school, are not involved in the "racist" behavior towards blacks, and are forced to fund the school and the payout.

To me a better solution is fire the involved officials, hire someone that takes education seriously, apologize to the affected students, and take a zero tolerance stance to this sort of behavior in the future - if a student is so apathetic towards education as to look down on it, kick him out and let the good kids learn.

"$150K was not excessive considering the issues."

Pure opinion.

"Third, racism is treating someone differently because of their race (not yours)"

Claiming that a person can be racist against people of his own race seems to be a bit of a stretch. I'd feel the same way about whites who disparage other whites for "acting black" - although that would still be racist against blacks wouldn't it? Regardless, its a separate issue from everything else

Although I disagree with the route used, attention to the underlying issue is a good thing - someting I probably should have mentioned in my first post.

Anonymous said...

When did trying to achieve a better education start meaning you were "acting white?"

Anonymous said...

Racism is racism doesnt matter if its black on black white on white or black on white or white on black racism has nothing to do with color its the actions that makes racism racism.

John said...

"These same individuals weren't complaining when tax payers of color were paying for schools, government jobs, and government services that neither they nor their children could enjoy."

I wasn't alive then, so you see, its not the "same people" who were OK with that. In fact, that would make you a little racist, wouldn't it? Grouping all white people together as if we share every opinion, and I'm accountable for the opinions of other whites from another era? Yeah, sounds racist to me - or at least, a white person who thought of blacks like that would certainly be considered racist.

"When did trying to achieve a better education start meaning you were "acting white?""

Welcome to the present. You missed quite a bit by time-traveling from the mid-70s.

"John, it is not blacks who have a cultural aversion to education, but IT IS WHITE PEOPLE who have a cultural aversion to black people getting an education."

The two aren't mutually exclusive. What you said is mostly true, but is also HISTORY - not present. The present condition is that many blacks look down on education and demean others that don't - remember the story that inspired this thread?

"that blacks were paying for through taxes in the first place)"

False. The difference in taxes paid per capita is such that it is very unlikely that blacks ever paid for non-black schools - even when black schools were/are underfunded. The reason those schools were/are underfunded is because the areas don't generate any tax revenue.

"The MAIN reason why public schools are failing are WHITES aversion to sending their children to school with Black and Latino students. As people of color become a larger share of a school system's population WHITES naturally remove themselves (and financial resources)from these schools."

So the school gets some blacks, everything is fine, black students don't have higher rates of misbehavior. Then, those evil racist whites decide they don't like blacks in their school, so they send their kids to private schools or move to the suburbs, then suddenly, everything goes to hell and chaos ensues. Is that how it happens in your make believe world?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my e-signature.


Anonymous said...

“You cited a study that used self-reporting data to "prove" that whites and blacks misbehave at similar rates. Sorry, but self-reporting data is extremely unreliable, and its foolish to think that blacks and whites would report with the same level of accuracy (a group of people who have a strong distrust of the government - AIDS conspiracy - aren't likely to voluntarily report criminal acts or misbehavior to that government). If you could cite something that involved actually observing people in school, I'd be inclined to listen. Anyone that has spent time in a mixed public school knows who most of the trouble makers are.” Really John?? Where are the imperial studies that YOU can site to back up your racist ass assumptions that you have been spewing on this topic? Can you provide a link to a research study that indicates who are most of the trouble makers? And for this study that you claim that is unreliable because blacks don’t trust the government, where in the article did it say that the study was conducted by a government entity? Furthermore, the way your teabegger white supremacist friends have been acting since Obama has been elected I would say a lot of Whites don’t trust the government either.

“In one post you claim that the reason black schools are failing is that whites left (and took their taxes with them). You then claim that blacks are supporting whites through taxes. In another statement you disagreed with my statement that majority black schools are underfunded because they are in areas with low tax bases; yet you claim the same thing when you say whites left and took their tax money with them. Seems contradictory to me. Seems all over the place, really.” Let me break it down for you asshole. “In one post you claim that the reason black schools are failing is that whites left (and took their taxes with them).” Yes John, that is called “white flight” you should know about this, this is something that people with your mindset practice everyday. Using the example that YOU provided “the median income for black is so much low than that for whites” this means that White OWN and CONTROL most of the financial resources in this nation. So when white people abandon a school system, guess what leaves with them? Money and resources that make schools an effective education system. Are you still with me John?? Good. So on to the next quote “You then claim that blacks are supporting whites through taxes.” Thanks for misquoting me, but I will refresh your memory. As I said before, “individuals weren't complaining when tax payers of color were paying for schools, government jobs, and government services that neither they nor their children could enjoy." I used the word “when” John which means such blatant discrimination occurred in the pass (from the 1800s to the late 1970s to be exact). However John this isn’t the end of it, through such a racist system, that was actually AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for White people, the education for white people were subsidized by people of color, and coupled with other forms of discrimination (qualified blacks being barred from good paying blue collar and white collar positions, in addition being paid less for the same work, redlining, and barring blacks from obtain mortgages) you see what we have today in many black neighborhoods; a non existence tax base. As I said before Klan boy, THE PAST DICTATES THE PRESENT!!!

“The reality is that the median income for blacks is so much lower than that for whites*, that it is simply impossible for blacks to ever be footing the bill for the benefit of whites.” Why is this John? Are you finally starting to admit that racist white people such as yourself have a hard time paying black people for equal work and/or qualifications?? And even if higher income equals higher tax burden it still doesn’t take away the fact that if people of color work, BUT DON’T live, in the places they work (but white people do) then the tax dollars that are paid by those businesses benefit another group. WHAT GROUP WOULD THAT BE JOHN??


Anonymous said...

“You see, all those city services that black Atlantans enjoy are funded by the white suburbanites.” How would this be true John?? Aren’t these suburbs actually incorporated as their own jurisdictions, i.e. towns and cities??? Which means that they DO NOT pay taxes to the City of Atlanta. Yea John, it seems as if you are into blaming Black people for all of society’s ills.
“you're also proving my point about whitey always getting the blame.” Maybe that is because Whitey does deserve all of the blame, SKIN COLOR BECAME AN ISSUE IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE, YOUR PEOPLE, MADE IT AN ISSUE!! Take responsibility for that.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot see why this is racism. The aggrieved children and family had a different IDEAOLOGY from those around them, not a different RACE, COLOR or NATIONAL ORIGIN.

Title VI states: "This title declares it to be the policy of the United States that discrimination on the ground of race, color, or national origin shall not occur in connection with programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance ... "

If the abuse had been because of lighter skin toen than anyone else, it could be considered a racial issue. But it is one of ideology, similar to a differing "religion" I guess. Title VI makes no mention of religion.

I also agree with John that they should have just fired the administrators when wrong-doing was proved. The monetary payout was not necessary, but ... it could have been stipulated to be spent on the children's home-schooling expenses, present and future, if the family desired it. This would have been appropriate use of funds, considering the family felt it necessary to homeschool. Kids probably will get a better education at home, anyway.

chemist said...

The Education, Sociology, _Studies folks (as well as self-appointed black male leadership) are implacably hostile to quantitative subjects, and individual achievement. They also seem to be racists. Notice what the loonies in Berkley are proposing:
Berkeley's Unbearable Whiteness of Science
By Thomas Lifton; American Thinker; January 04, 2010
The racial madness that has left-wing America in its thrall finds its apogee in the Berkeley, California public schools. Berkeley High School is now poised to eliminate science laboratory classes because "science labs were largely classes for white students." Eric Klein writes in The Easy Bay Express:
The proposal to put the science-lab cuts on the table was approved recently by Berkeley High's School Governance Council, a body of teachers, parents, and students who oversee a plan to change the structure of the high school to address Berkeley's dismal racial achievement gap, where white students are doing far better than the state average while black and Latino students are doing worse.
Five science teachers will lose their jobs if the proposal is adopted when the School Board meets next week:
It will come before the Berkeley School Board as an information item at its January 13 meeting. Generally, such agenda items are passed without debate, but if the school board chooses to play a more direct role in the High School Redesign, it could bring the item back as an action item at a future meeting.
All Berkeley High students, whatever their race, would lose the opportunity to get a solid grounding in science, opening up the door to achievement in higher education and life via scientific study. Notes Klein:
Mardi Sicular-Mertens, the senior member of Berkeley High School's science department ... who has taught science at BHS for 24 years, said the possible cuts will impact her black students as well. She says there are twelve African-American males in her AP classes and that her four environmental science classes are 17.5 percent African American and 13.9 percent Latino. "As teachers, we are greatly saddened at the thought of losing the opportunity to help all of our students master the skills they need to find satisfaction and success in their education," she told the board.
So in order to "help" black and Latino students, the idea is to eliminate the opportunity for said students to make something of themselves through science. Those students who excel will be disfavored, while those who do not will be given more resources. The problem is that science training is one of the elements of education least susceptible to the multicultural indoctrination that pervades education in Berkeley and far too many other places. Replacing science with something dreamed up by the education-school-trained "experts" is unlikely to bring any improvement, even for its purported beneficiaries.
The sheer racism of identifying science as something primarily for whites seems not to penetrate the addled minds of those who fancy themselves advocates for black and Latino students. The absence of any consideration of Asian students is also striking. The city of Berkeley has more Asian households (12,641) than black households (10,874) or Latino households (8,466). ..
Aside from the repulsive racism of this move, the broader issue to be considered is whether society is better-served by cutting down the achievers and investing in the stragglers -- or whether everyone benefits from the achievements of those who apply themselves enough to excel. I have no hesitation in saying that I am in the latter camp. How does it benefit anyone to have an America made up of mediocre minds? …
If the Berkeley public schools go ahead with this plan, they deserve condemnation and ridicule on a national scale.

Anonymous said...

"The Education, Sociology, _Studies folks (as well as self-appointed black male leadership) are implacably hostile to quantitative subjects, and individual achievement."

"How does it benefit anyone to have an America made up of mediocre minds? …" Would your assessment include all of those WHITE MEN who have ran this country into the ground (i.e. George Bush and the White enclave we call Wall street)??


John said...

I don't have the inclination to sort through most of MK's ignorant rantings, but this is an easy one to address:

"How would this be true John?? Aren’t these suburbs actually incorporated as their own jurisdictions, i.e. towns and cities??? Which means that they DO NOT pay taxes to the City of Atlanta."

Your reading comprehension and understanding of government structure are poor. No, they do not pay taxes directly to the city of Atlanta. Atlanta and other incorporated areas are part of Fulton County. Atlanta is dragging down Fulton while most of the funding comes from surrounding suburbs. The goal of the suburbanites is to leave Fulton and form a new county to get away from Atlanta.

Just read the damn article.

Actually, I will add one thing, to address your rantings in general:

If past white racism is so responsible for the current conditions of blacks (including such things as the lack of access to capital, etc.), why is it so common for a Korean immigrant to come to the US with no money and little English ability, and open a successful business in a black neighborhood? Sure that broke non-English speaking Korean would be at more of a disadvantage than a native born black.

Anonymous said...

"I don't have the inclination to sort through most of MK's ignorant rantings" Of course you don't John, because you don't have answers to my questions, as usual. Your racist generalizations never have any factual basis.

"Atlanta is dragging down Fulton while most of the funding comes from surrounding suburbs." Here we go again John, can you provide evidence for this assertion?

"why is it so common for a Korean immigrant to come to the US with no money and little English ability, and open a successful business in a black neighborhood?" John, don't you get tired of making racial assertions? Again, provide evidence for this assertion. Are Korean businesses in every black neighborhood? Ohh, I forgot YOU have never lived in a black neighborhood so you wouldn't KNOW. Furthermore, this "non-English speaking" crap is more of your racist generalizations.

American immigration law holds preference for skilled workers and those with college degrees; as such, many Asian immigrants are well-educated before coming to America and are often in an upper-middle economic bracket. Traditionally and statistically children who have higher-educated parents are more likely to attend college; therefore more emphasis is typically placed on education; this trend is noticeable among White and Black populations as well.This hypothesis is supported empirically.

Klan boy I am tired of arguing with you. The individuals who are reading this trend are well aware of your racist rantings that have ZERO evidence backing them up.