Thursday, December 10, 2009

Acting White: What’s Next For Tiger?

A friend asked me what I thought Tiger should do, given the mess that he’s got himself into, when he was suppose to be just a boring family man. We did not know he meant the whoring kind of boring, not snoring. While I’m at it, why is it that women are called whores, and not men? Somebody needs to explain that one to me.

Anyway, I’m not sure he can salvage his marriage/family. Neither Tiger, nor his Swedish wife Elin, seem to be deep-rooted folks – a prerequisite for weathering these knotty emotional storms. They are both missing real educational experiences that would have accelerated maturity. Sure, Tiger went to Stanford for two years, but you can bet most of that time was spent on the links, not growing up. I have found no record of Nordegren ever attending college; rather she au-paired her way into the pro golf crowd, and into Wood’s life.

In fairness to both of them, the golf crowd is not deeply-rooted either. Golf, like baseball and tennis, is a hand-eye coordination game requiring early and fanatical dedication, leaving little time for outside development. It doesn’t seem that Earl Woods spent enough time growing up the man, as much as he did the golfer. I think a hard look into the elder Woods’s will tell more of the story of the boy who would grow up to be Tiger. These are the skeletons whose existence is now in evidence, via Tiger’s man-boy sexcapades. Earl, Katilda, get ready for your proctologic exam, and rest assured that the conclusions ain’t gonna be pretty. I have already seen sleazy questions of how Katilda, a Thai, made her way to Vietnam to meet Tiger's father, Earl, during the war. Nasty stuff is coming.

Regardless, Tiger’s option seems clear, get back on Nicklaus major’s record trail. Pursuit of Jack is Tiger’s only savior. For now, he will need to accept that the endorsements will shrink. He will probably want to sell the yacht to cut expenses. Only winning will bring everyone back to the time of galleries looking for miracle shots and fist pumps. Winning brings forgiveness, deserved or not; otherwise Tiger is that slice of Caliblasian bread that got itself stuck in the toaster, when he thought nobody was looking.

James C. Collier


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Dennis Mangan said...

While I’m at it, why is it that women are called whores, and not men? Somebody needs to explain that one to me.

Tsk, tsk, Jim, the most basic tenets of human biodiversity will explain that one. But no one around here believes it.

James C. Collier said...

I'd say that it a male-centered pejorative used on women, whose sexual behavior is thought to encourage a result where men are less confident that their progeny of record are true. But, selfish male pursuit is a prime ingredient, so where's the pejorative for men? I'm all ears Dennis.

macon d said...

I like the metaphor in your last line, but I can't agree with another part of your post, if I'm reading it right. Are you saying that having a college degree makes a person more likely to be in a lasting marriage? If so, got any stats on that?

Jeff said...

I do hear men called "Man Whores" and the less demeaning "Dog". But your right, man whore behavior is more acceptable. Rich and powerful man whore behavior is deemed inevitable.

St Louis

James C. Collier said...

@macon, I am not saying that a college degree changes one's divorce probabilities. Rather, education is a natural accelerant to maturity, as is world travel.

Sonny said...

@James, you so over estimate a college degree my friend. I know plenty of college degreed people that have absolutely no clue. Just as I know plenty... well some, prison inmates that have great maturity and perspective on life.
College is no more a self reflection accelerator than the streets.
I challenge you to produce stats or even logical scenarios that would prove your statement.
In my opinion, any person that experiences enough life to draw a conclusion that self reflection is in order, will mature.
It may manifest in the form a street drug dealer to go legit, a wealthy, womanizing bachelor to settle down with one woman. Just as both situations can lead to no self reflection and both fall victim to their lifestyle.
I personally wonder if it’s in the DNA why some people are able to self reflect and change, while others just don’t seem to get it.
It’s an amazing thing.
If it isn’t obvious from my posts, I don’t have a degree but have a successful career as an IT Director for the court system where I live. I’m a young black man who grew up in the inner city where gangs and drugs where as common for young boys as visiting the library is to a college student. I just celebrated my 15 wedding anniversary and have a great life with my wife and family.
I do have some college, but didn’t start until after I began my career. College had absolutely nothing to do with my maturing, leaving the streets and going legit. I traded a 10k a month drug business for a job that paid me $5.75 per hour at the age of 21. I made that choice because I married and had a child. To be honest, I give all the credit to God, as I don’t know how I was able to make that decision and know plenty of people who did not.
I know I’m speaking of my experience, but I know that I am not an anomaly. I think you may be speaking from your experience as well and may be a little sheltered or naïve to other experiences.
There are many paths to maturity, it all depends on where you start.

As you can see, I’m enjoying your blog. I’ve posted almost every day since I discovered it a week or so ago.

Man... I didn't even get to Tiger.

James C. Collier said...

sonny, I think college has a lower risk/higher expected value, over drug-dealing, for getting someone to the 'good life' (but I am happy you made it). My assessments carry an implied on-average probabilistic caveat spread out over millions of people. Humanity's relentless pursuit of learning is no better indication of its efficacy, no matter where it happens, but I believe it is most concentrated dosage is in the classroom, but I will agree I am biased. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

ogunsiron said...

whatever happened to the link to stuffwhitepeopledo site ? You removed it.
That might not be such a bad thing, given that there's no way in hell the readers of that blog and yours could ever agree on anything. For those who are wondering : stuffwhitepeople do is the kind of blog where white people try to outshine each other in seeing who will grovel and crawl and apologize and hate themselves the most for merely being white. It features a cast of mostly extreme left white women antiracist activist types, self styled allies of that abominable nonsense category called "people of color" aka POC. The other half is a bunch of angry negro types who lash out right and left at those cowering white folks.

macon d said...

ogunsiron, you're a great comedian! That's a wonderful caricature of people who misunderstand what "stuff white people do" is all about.

It's not about, or for, people who hate themselves merely for being white. It's about common white tendencies. Big difference.

Being raised in a society in which white supremacy remains a de facto reality instills common white tendencies in most white people -- one of them is not even realizing that the U.S. remains a de facto white supremacist society. And most (not all) white people don't even realize that they have the kinds of common white tendencies that "stuff white people do" is dedicated to describing. But, on the other hand, many, many non-white people do realize that most white people have common white tendencies. Indeed, non-white people tend to know more about what it means to be white than white people themselves do; since non-white people have long endured actions prompted by those common white tendencies, it's most of them, and not white people themselves, who have long been the experts on the sorts of common white ways that get described at "stuff white people do."

Anonymous said...

I just heard on the news broadcast that another corp. has release tiger and AT&T is looking over his contract with them.

If these skanks are to be believed,Tiger is the biggest Bama.
LOL...there are alot of men on this blog.

ann-new orleans

Jeff said...

I think macon d made your point better than you did.

sounds like "common white tendencies" is just another way of stereotyping people. It is a hate blog.

St Louis

macon d said...


I'm not surprised that you as a white person deny the existence of common white tendencies. One of them is the false belief that white people are mere individuals, completely free of common white tendencies -- the myth of "individualism," and all that stuff.

To accurately identify and explain common white tendencies is not to "stereotype." Stereotyping is a distanced assumption that members of a group share this or that quality. The term "common white tendencies" allows that many white people don't have and exhibit this or that said tendency; if you don't have and exhibit one that's described in any particular swpd post, then that post isn't about you (despite your being white).

I do agree, though, that in a certain way, swpd is a sort of hate site -- it expresses disdain, and "hatred" if you like, for what ongoing white hegemony causes white people to feel, to think, to do, and to not do. It's certainly not about hating oneself just for being white.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeff and Ogunsiron. "Stuff White People Do" (er, um I mean "some" white people) is a self-righteous, self-purification site with very little redemptive value except to make macond and his followers "perfect" and "justified", their very act of anti-racist fingerpointing cleansing their souls of the sins of the under-melanized masses. They are the "good white folk."

The "Stuff" crew will take any human foible and assign whiteness to it (i.e. "is saying "I love you" a white thing to do?"). It gets to the point of being bizarre and sickening. It is one of the most confused and confusing sites I have ever read. No common sense. This country doesn't need him or his Marxist/Socialist crew to brainwash and divide America even moreso than it already is. It is a self-serving site, filled with indoctrinized young people who attack anything that doesn't sound like their Groupthink dogma. It is a divisive site, dividing whites from everyone else.

Macond seems to be acting out his own form of self-purification from self-hatred, and making all other white people guilty, the same kind of sinner he was. It reminds me of a preacher telling you you were "born in sin," then giving you his "cure," his "religion," all the while trying to control you with threats of hellfire ... and claiming to know more than you. To have actually spoke to "Gawd." The whole thing is so phony.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I know we are talking race and gender here (how juicy) so I guess I'll add my 2 cents on the "Tiger" story ... I overheard three guy at work (all White by the way, since I guess maybe that matters to some people) talking about how they now know that "Tiger is only human" saying it almost in a relieved way.

"Human?" I remarked (me, being of the female gender). "I think it's a sickness. This was not a mere 'ooops' ..."

So I guess this is one example of the differing male/female viewpoints. Whether this reflects the viewpoints of White Male vs. Melanized Female, the reader will have to make his own decision.

macon d said...

Wow Anonymous, glad to see that "stuff white people do" struck a nerve! Interesting too that you said nothing of substance about the actual details of the posts and comment threads there.

Again, it's NOT about white self-hatred. It's about whites freeing themselves, to whatever limited extent that's possible, from delusions wrought by being raised to think and act "white." It's also about better understanding the ongoing whitened underpinnings of Western society, and about treating non-white people better than white people have been trained to feel they should treat them. As for "sin" and preaching and purification and all that, I really doubt the word "sin" is used in a single post on that blog.

Anonymous said...

I spoke what I see from my spirit, not in the intelligensia-speak jargon you use. Your site struck a nerve because I would never want a child to read the pornography and mind-raping drivel that you write. I'm sorry the words are harsh, this is what I see there. People offended because some white person mistakes a POC for a K-Mart employee ... what ego. How classist and really, how racist. As if other races of people never do this. You give all other people except white people freedom to be human.

"Again, it's NOT about white self-hatred. It's about whites freeing themselves, to whatever limited extent that's possible, from delusions wrought by being raised to think and act "white."

THis sentence contradicts itself. Why should white people "free" themselves from thinking and acting "white" ... we are all "trained" to a certain extent to "act" a certain way. If there are "white" delusions there are certainly "black" ones, and "delusions" of other ethnicities. If one is "dangerous," then they are all dangerous or will become dangerous when the seed is planted and sown. "White" is not the equivalent of racist and arrogant, just like "black" is not the equivalent of racist and arrogant. And don't give me the link to Tim Wise, please. Some of what he says is interesting, but I don't really trust where he is coming from, either. Anti-racist "folk" strike me as phonies and kind of brain-washed and weak.

"As for "sin" and preaching and purification and all that, I really doubt the word "sin" is used in a single post on that blog."

Do you not understand? I compared you to the hypocritical preachers I hear who indoctrinate fear and loathing of self into their victims, making them weak, pathetic and making them doubt the truth that they see and doubt their own experiences. You rob people of their unique individual experiences. This is what you do to white people and POC's (as you call them). You indoctrinate white people to see that they are the only "sinners" (like you) and must be redeemed by accepting your Groupthink Rules and be humble and let people walk all over them. And you indoctrinate POC's to believe that they were, are and forever will be the aggrieved oppressed lot and have the right to act in ways you would never tolerate from a white person. You are a divider of humanity and encourage inequality.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't men called whores?

Men are meant to spread our seeds because we constantly produce so many of them every day. Women evolved to put a lot more into ensuring the best possible man gets to fuse with her lonely, solitary egg.

A double standard exists because there are two standards for two genders....duhhh....It's not that big of a deal, really, and I suspect you have no problem with men paying for dates, despite the injustice of it all!

Now, back to other mystifying mysteries of liberalism addressed superficially on this blog, such as why Detroit, Haiti and Jamaica resemble Africa so much. Must be all the white racism.

James C. Collier said...

Anon 7:43, If you take a second to stop playing 'superficially' with your wit-appendage, you might notice that this blog rarely assigns racism as a cause, but much more likely a result.

Anonymous said...

So then, what is your theory on why Detroit, Haiti, and Jamaica resemble Africa (high poverty, violence, corruption, low literacy rates and IQ scores) so much? If not white racism, what could it be?

James C. Collier said...

Anon, despite your annoying facetiousness there is something to be learned from looking at the places like Detroit vs. Lagos, and such. The adjusted technology achievement indices (see UN Development Programme) of the regions/inhabitants are not that far apart with certain key comparable results, such as the murder rate & literacy. The S-T drivers for these places are very different, but the L-T influence of disparate societal pace, yielding what I call disparate LEO's (locations of ethnic origin) is clearly at play - behind the superficial majority/minority racial gamesmanship.