Monday, November 30, 2009

Acting White: The Top Ten Things Tiger Woods Now Knows (or Remembers)

10. White women can act just as crazy as the sisterhood of exhaling flat irons.

9. “I saw the tree, I was fine, but where the hell did that hydrant come from?”

8. When a woman has your babies, her attitude sure can get funky in a hurry.

7. “Let’s see, crashed Caddy, crazed wife, police at the door – I really AM Black!”

6. “My angry driving sucks, I bet Jack Nicklaus would not of choked like that”.

5. “Yeah, she was trying to rescue me alright. More like lining up a clean shot at the Woods family jewels".

4. “Keep it in the pants, son, keep it in the pants.” (Earl Woods)

3. “The next Escalade will have the sports-suspension package, or somebody’s getting fired.”

2. “I should have said I had insomnia and was hitting the all-night driving range. Damn-it Tiger, get your head in the game!”

1. Hmmm… a ‘crazy bitch’ panic-room is sounding kind of good right now.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...


Why buy the cow when you can get blonde bimbos for free?

Jeff said...

Here we go. They build up a sports superstar in the media and as soon as they get a chance they tear him/her down. Tiger wrecked his car and now we hear about rumors (that's gossip) that he is having an affair. Leave the man alone. He's a golpher and his personal life is just that, personal. I remember when Michael Jordans father was killed, the media began with gossip that he was killed because Mike had gambling debts. And when the kids were caught did anyone apologize for their gossip. Hell no!

If Tiger has a wreck and loses a hand and can't play golf anymore please splatter it all over the news but leave this alone.


James C. Collier said...

Hey, I have no axe to grind with Tiger - I am a fan - but, if you make your living in a fish bowl you live (and suffer) by those rules. Transgressions, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please...Tiger brought all of this on himself. I guess OJ never taught famous black men anything.

Same story, different day. Hope Tiger has a good lawyer.

Joe Friday said...

IT'S OVER. FL State Police said so.

Tiger can always get relief on his 150' yacht in Dubai.

I think he declares the yacht and Dubai as his permanent residence anyway to avoid taxes doesn't he?

It's all good. Women don't have rights in Muslim countries anyway.

Anonymous said...

Tiger has pretty much admitted in a statement that he has "sinned".

I hope he and his wife can get it worked out because it is worth it to get it worked it out.

Good luck Tiger.

Jeff said...

Sorry James, I wasn't really railing at you but the media although I was surprised by your post. I do get tired of hearing about stuff like this as if it is important. It is easy to get caught up in it.
I enjoy your blog

Undercover Black Man said...

I'm off-topic here, James, but...

You gonna blog about what happened to your boy Dennis Mangan's blog?

James C. Collier said...

David, I'm looking into it. I commented to a friend a while back that the rehtoric of the site might attract the boys at NSA. I don't think Google gives a hoot. I won't be surprised if its just a glitch. Google computers took my site down for a few days last year when I got mistaken for a spammer.

Anonymous said...

what a freakin bum. mulitple bum!
how many women have come out of the "wood"work with proof?

tiger when she re-marries a white man that cares about her and raises your kids and spends your money I bet the reality of your screwed up values will hit you then............

Dennis Mangan said...

UBM and Jim: My site is back up, no explanation given.

You may find this interesting:

"I see that Mangan's old blog has been restored by the powers that be. Interestingly, if you Google 'Mangan's' you are shown a link to his Racial Consciousness. It is but speculation on my part, but I should think that it is posts like this that certain people find objectionable, and that got him blacked out, if only temporarily.

Go read the post and ask yourself if there is anything in it that a reasonable person could find 'hateful' or 'racist' or sufficiently objectionable to warrant censure. If you answer in the affirmative, then you brand yourself as hopelessly morally and intellectually obtuse."