Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Acting White: Racial Realist Rebuttal By Dennis Mangan

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to comprehending the discussions of race realist (here), my brush is broad. Nevertheless, I paint away, believing in the direction of my strokes.

Mr. Mangan has done me a service (here) on my demographic usage/application of 'race realist' and 'white nationalist', at least with respect to himself. I do not like lumping people together, but when they come in a lump I try my best to deal with it.

I never pegged Mangan as a separatist Idaho-type fellow or as a racist, he does not seem interested in debating the stopping power of a .44 vs. a .357. But his site collects these types (as well) under the broad heading of 'angry white guys pushing back'. I know this because they visit my blog in turn. In this sense, Mangan has been a reluctant leader, or at the least, aggregator of this broad category.

His post on the 'Movement', which began all of this, was a step out of the shadows of accidental leadership, and a move I encourage. However, for my money I needed him to clarify who he is and is not, and therefore what it is I think he is leading. His response does this.

I have no problem with a white majority led country. As long as merit determines who's in charge, I'm all for it. I also have no problems recognizing the contributions of whites, or white men specifically. Individually, I have benefited greatly by the attention of white mentors, especially in school. But, I will not ignore atrocities by any hand, black or white.

Bottom line, I listen to Mangan and his faithful because I see merit in many of their arguments. But if he is to lead this group, the difficult task of clarifying the message, and the unpopular task of culling the true racist/white nationalist unfaithful must also occur. Defining these people from within is a proper start.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Why cull the "true racist/white nationalist" if they agree with the basic principles? Do socialists try to discredit communists?

Race realists and proud whites are a tiny, subjugated minority. Someday, hopefully, we will have the luxury of casting aside those more extreme than ourselves. But just as the nascent civil rights movement needed not only MLK, but Malcolm X and Farrakhan, the revival of white pride needs its moderates and extremists.

I certainly don't want a revival of slavery or Jim Crow, but I will hold my nose and accept the support of those who do if I believe it helps what I believe to be the best interest of myself and my country.

James C. Collier said...

Anon 3:03 - You make my point. As I recall, David Duke with cosmetic surgery, a fancy suit, and refined diction, seemed to still put off white folks not already owning a KKK suit (thank goodness). I hope team Mangan rejects your accommodationist thinking (and you) outright, as well. Compromised principles are useless.

Anonymous said...

And what of MLK/Malcolm X/Farrakhan?

Should MLK have told them "We don't want your help", and told his followers to completely repudiate them? Or was it better, in the end, for him to hold his nose and tolerate the hatred and violence they preached in order to achieve their common goal?

Anonymous said...

For a more modern example, did the NAACP stand up and repudiate the glorification of the Oakland cop killer?

James C. Collier said...

Anon 4:13, King and Malcolm X were opposing approaches in the struggle for equality, they did not join forces. The NAACP/Urban League are less effective for exactly the reasons you describe, although no one should be held accountable for the crazies that take their inevitable positions (most often for the cameras).

Observer said...

You are elevating these guys to a status they don't occupy.

They're just a bunch of blog commenters that can be safely ignored.

You can see copious amounts of misanthropic and/or extreme internet comments for years and years, on almost every site that allows comments.

At the end of the day these aren't people doing anything, just spouting off at the mouth under the cloak of anonymity. Most of these guys are older, and don't get that the world has just moved on.

Big Steve said...

As I write this, the Supreme Court is reviewing a diversity controversy in New Haven. As James well remembers, my own career as a white high-tech software executive was disrupted by a diversity hire who, although a nice-enough, smart-enough guy, was not qualified and could not have passed the first quiz on the business we were in.

I have never been able to recover to the same level of pay or authority. My career was derailed by the diversity goals of a since discredited management, frankly.

It is this institutionalized racism, known by many names, that has prevented the New Haven Fire department from hiring the best candidates for the job, and at the extreme end of the continuum, makes these extremists you are discussing appear as legitimate as the extremists mentioned above, (e.g. Farrakhan).

I sure could use a job...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Duke he was just arrested in Prague but then later released. Seems he was tripping up against Jew laws.

Eman said...

"In this sense, Mangan has been a reluctant leader, or at the least, aggregator of this broad category."

I don't think Mangan is a leader of any sort in the White nationalist/pro-White activist movement...he is more like a very moderate and politically-correct pro-White activist, a person who is moderately associated with the American pro-White movement but only in the sense of wanting to keep the USA majority White and opposing mass non-White immigration to the USA, which the majority of Whites in America actually oppose if you ask them straight up.

If you want to read some of the true thought leaders of the burgeoning White nationalism/pro-White activist movement, check out the posts and comments on Majority Rights (http://majorityrights.com/) and Occidental Observer (http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/) - also check out The Occidental Quarterly Online, which is a newish blog associated with The Occidental Quarterly journal - http://www.toqonline.com/.

The "White nationalism" movement (pro-White activist movement, White survivalist movement, White preservationism...whatever you want to call it) is moving briskly forward now; it is gaining new members right and left and will likely become (with the amazing communicatory and organizing power of the internet) a rather major force in American politics in another 5-10 years as Whites in America begin to truly realize how they are losing demographic control of the nation.