Thursday, July 10, 2008

Acting White: Rev. Jesse Steps In It, Again!

I can’t believe Obama’s good fortune. Every time the good Reverend Jackson makes a below-the-belt attack, Barack’s stock goes up with Americans of all ethnicities, but especially white voters. Jackson’s a spoiler and he is equally good at it even when the result is the opposite of his intention.

The Reverend still has not figured out that the world is on to his racial gamesmanship. And no one from the Obama camp is going to spill the beans to him either. He is the opposite of the canary in the coal mine. When Jesse says someone or something is bad, we all think we better take a second look for the good.

The most recent comment about the cutting off of Obama’s reproductive apparati was gruesome, especially for a man of the alleged cloth, but then again Jesse does not discriminate, he wants money and attention from wherever. The good Lord can attest to JJ’s commitment to by-any-means-necessary.

Looking further, it’s a funny thing about politics. We want our leaders to be responsive and reflective, but not to waffle. We want them to tell us the truth, but not to preach. We don’t want to be talked down to, while we wallow in the muck, and yell for help from above. And the waffling accusation only pertains to the other candidate, not our own (of course).

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Every time the good Reverend Jackson makes a below-the-belt attack, Barack’s stock goes up with Americans of all ethnicities, but especially white voters.


Anonymous said...

Jesse is part of dying breed. He is your old rapper out on tour trying to make money with Whoudini. I really think it's sad because he says Obama was putting down Black folk and he somehow was going to correct the problem.

He needs to put down his rhyming dictionary and rock his grandchildren in his lap and tell them about the man he was. The keyword is WAS because no one listens to his old ass anymore.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...
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Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

One thing I do not understand is this NEED to prove a THING.
Does Afro-Americans or Blacks or Negroes, what ever HAVE a thing to prove?

If someone call me names and if this person worth none of my time WHY should I care, I know I am not that.

Why bother with WHAT others think of you instead of FIXING what puts you down?

I think that his words are not as damaging as his denial of the situation of poor parenting.

Anonymous said...

The media has always given too much attention and coverage to Jesse Jackson. If the media would stop running to him for sensational comments, perhaps there could be more productive conversations. The media does this with Al Sharpton too. The media decides who the spokesmen for blacks are and then runs to them for inflammatory quotes.
When Jesse or Al come on TV, turn the channel. When these two come up in conversation, say you are interested in intelligent conversation, not rhetoric. The way to move forward is with productive cross-racial dialogue.

Anonymous said...

The media decides who the spokesmen for blacks are and then runs to them for inflammatory quotes.

This is because the media is, as a whole, fundamentally stupid. They wrongly assume that there is a such thing as a "black leader," and ignore the fact that very few, if any, Black people have ever referred to either one of those guys as are leader.

Anonymous said...

^ Oops, that should be "our leader."

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Sorry for taking a different ROUTE here, I think this may interest you.

In Class with Hancock A Film Review by Biko Agozino


Why was Hancock persuaded to accept a prison term as the only way to win respect when it is easier to improve the image of anyone by sending him to the university? In the prison where black men were over-represented, Hancock had to prove his superpower status by pushing a man’s head up the ass of another man (a metaphor for male rape in prison), by dumbly saying ‘pass’ in the group therapy sessions, and by magically scoring baskets from incredible distance as if that was all black men could do in a world dominated by ideas of white supremacy.

Why was Hancock not given his own family or girlfriend in the movie instead of setting him up to appear as if he was after the white woman who was married to the white man who pretended to be his boss and who told him how to dress for work? He later claimed that the white woman kissed him after he had tucked her husband into bed as if he was the nanny or ‘manny’ but that was no kiss, it was a beating that he got from the white woman who simply told him that they were different because she was stronger, blah blah blah.

Finally, Hancock was persuaded to go to a different planet to avoid tempting the white woman who claimed to be his mystical wife as if getting rid of the black man was the only way to resolve the sexual desire of white women for the forbidden fruits of black masculinity. By some kind of coincidence, John Hancock was the name of one of the Founding Fathers of America who was a slave trader, tax dodger and smuggler.


Worth check out.
My wife did NOT like the movie.

Get Togetha said...


Let's not focus on another man's nut. Focus on your own. Now how is that ten year old baby you want us to forget about?