Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Acting White: Affirmative Action Hot Potato

I don't understand politicians and their responses to affirmative action. Philosophy aside, if you care about results you are against it, because it simply has not worked the way it was supposed to. It's like a 40 year old wearing braces - good idea, but way too late in the game. Now if you want to replace it with something better that identifies recipients by objective need, rather than arbitrary color of skin, then go stand with Senator Obama. Or if you want to do away with it in sum and cast the disadvantaged, of all colors, to the wind, then go stand with Senator McCain - I think. When politicians say they are against it does this mean abolish or replace? Part of McCain's audience, wealthy conservatives want is abolished, while poor conservatives quietly know they need help too. So John, who just wants to get elected, ends up dodging two-way traffic and hoping not to become road-kill on the issue. Heads up, hot potato!

James C. Collier


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