Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Acting White: Lewis Hamilton Leads Formula One

Over half way through the Formula One racing season, 23 year old Brit and 2nd year racing phenom Lewis Hamilton, leads the sport in driving points. He recently signed a five year deal with his team, McClaren, for $75 million (US). People don't know whether to compare the bi-racial driver to Tiger Woods or Barack Obama, but it is clear he is setting the racing world on its edge. McClaren first signed him up at the tender age of thirteen, when he was beating the socks off of adults in competitive radio controlled (RC) car racing. From there he climbed his way to F1 by winning in every category and level. So far, this season he has had four first place wins including the British Gran Prix earlier this month. He has set numerous records for being first, but most importantly he has crushed the notion that blacks cannot drive at the elite level of racing where billions of dollars line up behind the best. Go Lewis!

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Only NASCAR can put Lewis in the Tiger Woods mold of sport barrier breaking. Most people haven't heard of him because he's not on SportsCenter front and center every night.

Joe Friday said...

"People don't know whether to compare the bi-racial driver to Tiger Woods or Barack Obama,"

What people are those?

James C. Collier said...

I think it's The Euro-types, who need to put him in a familiar box.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Most of my HEROS are NON "Blacks".

I see myself as an individual, so I SEE everyone as SUCH!

Race, nationality comes after.

He was called MONKEY in Spain due to fierce skirmish with once colleague Alonso, that is Spanish.
I never HEARD of ANY INSULTING attitude toward any other F1 driver.

Anonymous said...

Lewis is unbelievable. I am not from the US so Grand Prix is the thing for me. And he is by far the best youngster we have had. Ever. What I like about the debate overseas is that they don't know if they should compare him to Senna or Schumacher. And it has nothing to do with his color - all to do with his racing style. But it also tells us another thing. You need to give people a shot from when they are young. He was "lucky" that he caught the eye when he was about 10 and had the support from the owner of his car since then.

I am from Africa. And I can tell you we have millions of tennis stars and soccer stars etc over there. There is just no one to catch them while they are youmg. So they go into the abyss.