Thursday, May 22, 2008

Acting White: Angry Politician, Side Bar #5

Hillary is angry. Despite the complex arguments for her getting out/staying in the Democratic race, it is much simpler. The longer she stays in now, the more she hurts Obama, and helps Hillary. It's not about the party, it's about her.

If Obama loses to McCain, she can run in 2012, her best option. If she helps him beat McCain and he governs well, she has to wait until 2016, and try for the more difficult two-peat. If she helps Obama win, but he tanks in the job, the Republicans will sweep in, and her next chance is 2020, her worse option. So, putting her interest ahead of the party, she needs to help him lose and she needs to stay close to the voters. So on to the convention! Oh yeah, she likely won't take the VP slot even if questionably offerred, as it provides less than ideal room to undermine Obama's candidacy. I might be wrong, but not inconsistent with her reputation.

James C. Collier


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