Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J. Simpson Is Charged In Alleged Robbery

O.J. Simpson Is Charged In Alleged Robbery

Mychal Bell is free of adult charges and OJ is behind bars, at least for the moment, so the justice buffet is open again, so to speak. Perhaps this time OJ’s celebrity status, color, and charisma will not see him slip his just desserts. I think those “If I did it?” words are going to haunt the NFL great this time around.

The Juice is saying that he would not be so stupid as to commit such a robbery, but we all know that this is not true. He is probably thinking that since he beat a double murder conviction, and a $38 million civil judgment, how difficult should it be to rip-off some collectibles and slip back into Florida in time for an alibi of road rage and nine holes.

Well just like Michael Vick forfeited his status as highest paid football player, in order to run a very lucrative dog-fighting business, them OJ collectibles ought to be worth a lot of bucks to make up for all the time he might be doing as a result. Let’s see now, $75,000 in loot in exchange of multiple years (decades even) behind bars – yep, that OJ is a certified genius.

Well this time there is no Johnnie Cochran to save his butt and OJ does not have the money to get too fancy, so it is going to be interesting. Hopefully the Vegas police play it straight and do not try to ‘help’ the prosecutor by tossing in extra evidence, like a picture of OJ with a black-call girl accomplice, or something equally believable. But then again, you never know…

James C. Collier


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Eddie G. Griffin said...

Never mind OJ, where did you hear that Mychal Bell was out of jail? We've been waiting for the past 24 hours to hear such news, but obviously there is some hanky-panky going on behind the scenes in Jena, La. Please verify.

James C. Collier said...

Thanks Eddie, I got some bad info and jumped the gun. I should have checked your site first, eh?

Anonymous said...

You didn't say he was out of jail. You said he was free of adult charges, which he is. The DA has two weeks to decide if he will bring more charges. Meanwhile, I "heard" (haven't seen any news story about this) that the judge and the DA didn't show up for a bail hearing yesterday so that Mr. Bell could get out of jail.

Francis Holland said...

That's hilarious. Yes, if the police throw in a photo of O.J. with a Black woman, you know it's Photoshop and then the whole case goes out the window - again!

I wouldn't be surprised to see more "testilying" that undermines the whole police case when held up to close inspection.