Thursday, September 06, 2007

Breast Cancer More Deadly in Black Women - AP

Breast Cancer More Deadly in Black Women - AP

Articles like this one are absolutely maddening. They misinform and scare the hell out of black people and the group’s notions of battling cancer. The only ‘biological factor’ enhancing breast cancer in black women, other than being ‘poor’, is the CDC-confirmed vitamin D deficiency occurring in nearly 42% of black women, compared to a 4% deficiency in white women.

In opposition to the article, the described heightened E-R negative status of breast tumors in black women is reasonably the direct result of the vitamin D deficiency which the group suffers, resulting from the interplay of dark skin and low sun-light. To get a little technical, the pictured vitamin D-3 receptor (VDR) is expressed in the mammary gland, where it “functions to oppose estrogen-driven proliferation and maintain differentiation;”. In other words, the active form of vitamin D3 serves the very function that the expensive pharmaceuticals are miserably attempting. If you are interested, quickly check for yourself here.

And the story gets even worse. Without sufficient levels of vitamin D or effective, albeit expensive, drugs like tamoxifen and new aromatase inhibitors, black women are drawn in higher numbers to more invasive therapies, chemicals and radiation, that permanently weaken their D3-supported immune systems, and with it their critical natural body defenses against cancer.

So there you have it. Counter to articles such as this, the most significant biological difference in black women is that history delivered their ancestors into a reduced-light latitude, which their bodies only need a few thousand years to properly adjust. In the meantime, 2,000 IU’s of a cheap pill (D3), taken once a day, would certainly go a long way toward achieving a projected and immediate 50%+ reduction in internal cancers and eliminating the health disparities which black women, and black people in general, are needlessly suffering.

James C. Collier


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Dennis Mangan said...

Jim: Excellent post. If this information about vitamin D and black women were more widely disseminated, thousands of lives a year could be saved.

James C. Collier said...

Dennis: Many thanks go to you for educating me on D. But the knowledge is damn frustrating too. Like you, I see how many lives are needlessly lost each year. Never give in.