Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seven White Attackers vs. One Asian Teen In Chicago

Wow! Watching this horrible scene made me wish I was there to even things up a bit. Who would be surprised if the Asian kid started carrying a gun after a beating like this? Who could blame him? Very sick. Very tragic. And on top of it all, repeatedly calling him a Nigga' speaks to the universal standard that demeaning blackness has achieved, and that's everybody's fault (within/without).

1/18 UPDATE: A Sun-Times article (here), sheds some weird light on the 1/15 attack. The attackers were white AND Asian (predominantly), with the oldest attacker, Raymond Palomino (17), whose face was visible in the assault, charged as an adult. Palomino's father is a Cook County sheriff. One attacker was female, and lured the victim into the assault. The attack may have been random, and there remains no explanation for the 25 instances of the term nigga' use against the victim, captured in the video by one of the attackers, via their cellphone. Tragic and weird!

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

WoW!!! I'm sure you will not see this Fox News. Or any news station for that matter. When Did this happen?

James C. Collier said...

Daniel, the original posting reflected everyone's early assumption that because the attack seemed to be race-related and one of the attackers was visibly white, the rest were as well. I added the update immediately upon better information. I did not change the title, because it dooms the post to blog-hell, or search-engine oblivion. As for apology, it is unnecessary, as my editorial bias was related to the one-sided violence, irrespective of ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

The original video had a list of kids that were suspected of being involved--nearly all Asian names. Bloggers like you, who jump on the opportunity to paint White people as evil racists, are to blame for everybody assuming all the kids were White.