Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Obama Blows Hole In Constitution: Hero or Traitor?

The “New and Improved” National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is now the law – so don’t drop the soap folks!

Seriously, let me get this straight, Mr. Obama. As president, sworn to uphold the US Constitution, you sign a law, bearing your fingerprints, on the day of the year (12/24), at your choosing, when the citizens are most distracted, and then promise that you will never use the “unconstitutional” parts to do what you surreptitiously demanded the right to do. Sounds like something Bush/Cheney would have pulled, right? Well, yes, they definitely pulled some three-quarter-Monty crap like this, but in this case it was you, Barack Obama, and this is definitely the full-Monty (buck-ass-naked).

The Huffington Post (here) cleverly apologizes for the President on this tearing down of citizen rights, as they make it seem like he was somehow forced (by bad people?) to sign the law against his will, which is not true at all. The Huffington ignores that Obama insisted that American citizens be included in the indefinite detention language, or he would veto the bill. So in reality, that which the Huff and the President said he was against, jailing Americans indefinitely without trial, he is absolutely for and directly responsible. Politics and the media doing the nasty out in the open! A-friggin-mazing!

Like I said before (here), no politician in their right mind would bastardize the constitution, if they did not think they needed it – as the original laws have served the rich and powerful very well for 200+ years. The reason Obama specifically thinks HE needs this change is that the world-wide economic poop could hit the fan in 2012 (here), and the blood on Main streets won’t be on some fake Hollywood movie set. In fact, the ‘debt-storm’ has already begun.

If you think things are bad now, stay-tuned folks. The year 2012 marks the calendar, in US history, where life-expectancy is going down and the times definitely went from bad to worse. When you know the game’s about to change and you want to preserve your position on the sinking ship, you change the rules. Happy New Year!

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Very, very worrisome.
Hopefully it will meet it's end in a Supreme court lawsuit and SOON.

American citizens held indefinitely without due process? And he had to have it that way or veto it?

Just what else is on his agenda!?!?!?!?

Amenta said...

Agreed, there is an all out assault on the Constitution starting with Bush/Cheney and continuing with Obama. Sad thing is Obama is such a magician for many that they will never see what he has done.
Most of this information is carried on the internet, and just think of how many people don't come here to find out the truth.

Andrew Wells Douglass said...

Violating the Constitution isn't treason, which the Constitution actually defines as making war on the US or aiding a foreign enemy. Regardless ... especially with the recent drone activity I'm not a fan of what he's doing and would love to see it ruled illegal or at least justified in a respectable way. In the rah-rah war-on-terror US I don't really expect an impartial assessment any time soon. Nevertheless I have no doubt I'll be voting for Obama this fall - I'm angry not crazy.