Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Obama May Lose in 2012

It’s an outrageous thing for a bunch of predominantly white senators and congresspersons to piss on the constitution, via NDAA 1031 legislation (here), because they seemingly lack the cojones or ovaries to tell their parties to go to hell, but I suppose there’s safety in numbers. However, for our first-black President, Barack Obama, sitting at the helm of this travesty is likely to get him run out of office in 2012. Mind you, not just because he is black, or a Democrat, but because he’s the president for godsakes, and his veto and pulpit are suppose to protect fundamental constitutional rights, not strip them away, as does the pending National Defense Authorization Act.

Under no condition should American citizens face “indefinite detainment” by the president or the military, or anyone else. But let’s be clear, Obama threatened to veto the bill if it did NOT contain the indefinite detainment of US citizen’s language (above). How about them apples? If the opposition can only field a candidate with half a communicating brain, Mr. Obama could be in big trouble come next November. Unfortunately, the half-brain requirement has been an on-going problem for the party of Lincoln. Regarding NDAA 1031, we are all in big trouble, forget the election.

And furthermore, how come black folks can’t see that ‘indefinite detainment’ is the wet-dream of every racist ever born – 95% approval rating my ass – folks need to wake up!

So I asked myself, why would a left-leaning, constitutional lawyer-turned-president, want the ability to throw US citizens in jail, without ever putting them on trial. What could make this man toss the constitution he knows so well into the crapper? The short answer is that he thinks he needs it.

To expand, I can only imagine that somewhere within the bowels of the White House, is a windowless room where a bunch of allegedly smart people have surmised that the shit is about to hit-the-fan on the home front. But how so? Hmmmm. Let me think. The country is in financial crisis because a Goldman-Saks led Wall Street decided they could top the Savings & Loan rip-off, with the mortgage-back securities rip-off, and they did. Obama lets the thieving 1% walk. Oh yeah, Mr. Bernanke is printing money as fast as it takes the ink to dry, and giving it to banks for .01% interest (free), who are in-turn buying T-bills paying 3%! The remaining 99% of Americans are increasingly fat, lazy, ignorant and entitled up the kazoo. Europe is in a financial melt-down of its own. China is headed toward crisis, because there may be no one to buy all the crap they are preparing to build. Japan is completely jacked, (see Fukushima). We are fighting battles in the Middle-east that are more about enriching defense contractors, than eliminating terrorist. Yep, the Main Street-level poo-poo could really hit the fan, and I ain't talking occupy.

So, President Obama’s White House, the Senate, and Congress are all preparing to keep order, by suspending our rights. The only thing Obama has to worry about now is if Americans wake the hell up before next November. But, whether voters jam Obama or not, history will say we are witnessing the gasps of a 200+ year-old glutinous giant, about to fall - hard.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

"And furthermore, how come black folks can’t see that 'indefinite detainment' is the wet-dream of every racist ever born – 95% approval rating my ass – folks need to wake up!"

You know, I am sad to admit I literally did not even think of this. I knew it sounded bad, but in some general sort of hand-wavy way.

Think of how the South used the vagaries of the law to enforce a reconstituted slavery between the 1870s and the 1950s. Poll taxes, vagrancy laws, literacy tests, "separate but equal" facilities - people dumb like me just don't think about how there are still people who want to put themselves on top and in control of other people.

Thanks for posting this. I'm truly sorry at how ignorant and naive I am, and I appreciate that you point out the obvious so people like me can grasp it.

a.eye said...

Most of the actions he has taken should show that he is really not as "left leaning" as many thought when they voted for him. Even during his election, he showed that he was not going to lean much to the left.

Shady_Grady said...

It's a dirty game. Anyone who supports this legislation ought to be ashamed of themselves.

atldude said...

small quibble to your larger point...but why did you feel to need to call out "a bunch of predominantly white senators and congresspersons"? Do you think this is a racial issue?

James C. Collier said...

atidude: I have come to expect powerful white people to take positions that ignore the sordid mistreatment of US blacks, including a history of profiling, indefinite detainment, racial justice, etc. For Obama to mimic this ignorance, while identifying as black, is unconscionable. For the Black Caucus to go along, even worse. Call it Black-on-Black racism. White-on-Black racism, yes. Indeed, it is racist to enact legislation that will knowingly & disproportionately burden a group, via their race. The implications for race are huge, beginning with 'what is a terrorist?', a dark-skinned person with an attitude?

Anonymous said...

"Indeed, it is racist to enact legislation that will knowingly & disproportionately burden a group, via their race."

Do they really need this legislation to harass, unlawfully detain, and kill people of color? I though White people (aka the people who run this system) had the authority to do this since DAY ONE???

Anonymous said...

This may be an ignorant, unintelligent comment but...I think Anonymous is going to increase their membership 200%. lol