Friday, December 23, 2011

White-on-White vs. Black-on-Black Violence

New Details Emerge in High School Basketball Game Fight in Baltimore:

One of the most popular Google searches to this site are questions of Black violence. In this post, I grabbed the closest examples I could find showing that neither group holds a monopoly. It really depends on who is looking, and where they look. Interesting.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Russia? Really?

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I feel you are comparing apples to oranges. True, violence is violence. I don't think I would want to be in the vicinity of either place. But grown men professional sports hooliganism is one thing ... and people do end up dead. But the second example is American high school sports. I remember as a teenager (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) going to the traditional Thanksgiving day football game between two rival schools: one was more black, one was more white. If we won, we would always get out of there quickly, as the blacks would look to corner white people and beat them up. When it came to a constant need of police presence at this particular game, it wasn't worth going to anymore.

I guess the above anonymous comment sums it up: for me, the more threatening violence, the more "real" violence, is the violence in the second video because it is closer to home and more likely to happen close to me, and I have seen it happen too often over less.

I also think culture plays a role in when it is "appropriate" to express violence and when it is not. In general, I feel that American Caucasians and Asians seem aculturated to suppress their violent tendancies moreso and African Americans, not so much. It may not be true, but it is what I have consistently observed, and constantly read about in the media.

Anonymous said...

Dessalines, what I see around me every day is not delusion. It is sad reality. Saddest for the Black community. The liberal media chomps at the bit to report white on black violence ("hate" crimes), is loathe to report black on white violence (i.e., refering to the perpetrators as "youths") and black and black violence today in America is just a normal occurence, something to be expected.

Why don't you address what is happening NOW. I was discussing my observations in a certain time and space (MY family, MY neighborhood, MY city, what is happening TODAY) and what I observe about the different people I see TODAY. The history lesson is all well and good, if you are using it to explain my observations about why American "blacks" as a group are more apt to tend to more violent expression than other groups.

I don't believe "white people" "love" violence, any more than I believe any other people in the whole world do. It's just a comfort level in expressing it and a readiness to express it that seems like it is developed through one's culture and experiences, and what is deemed "acceptable" expressions of violence in someone's culture.

Anonymous said...

The liberal elite intellekchual WHITE CONTROLLED media is afraid to report black on white crime in Amerika, afraid to report the statistics and relay what is really happening in the streets because they fear they will be charged with HATE SPEECH. Of course they report the corporate crime, do you even listen to the news?? Are you for real? They LOVE to report it, it is not a taboo topic.

90% black crime is against other blacks ... why is that? don't tell me ... I already know what your kind of person would say.

KPres said...

"The incidents of White violence towards Black people including the insane amount of death threats to the current president and his family are happening NOW!"

What? You're making things up. Obama hasn't gotten any more death threats than any other president.

And as far as corporate crime...are you kidding me? That's all I ever hear about, despite the fact that corporations engage in a tiny fraction of the criminal behavior per capita that individuals do.

Anonymous said...

I guess dess can't see mr. colliers graph over there. >>>>>>>>>>>>

but then she is blind to quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

I get you don't read the same news sources as other people:

White collar crime is the most destructive crime that is occurring in our society (that is what lead to the crash of 2008), and guess who does most of it?? Thats right, WHITE MEN. Maybe we should start profiling them.....

Anonymous said...

the subject black and white violence. nothing else.
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