Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penn State Coach Sandusky Suspected Of Preying Upon Poor Black Boys

The case against Sandusky bears an uncanny resemblance to the one against former Boston Red Sox Club House Manager, Donald Fitzpatrick, who was convicted of sexually abusing poor black boys in Winter Haven FL, off-season training home of the baseball team (here). What people are not yet saying about Sandusky is the question, in addition, of if the eight victims were predominantly, if not all, poor and black - and there are at least ten more similar at-risk victims in the queue, if you believe Pennsylvania's Governor.

Why is this question/answer not in the MSM (main stream media), but rather I had to dig to find it? (here) and other out of the way places?

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

If it is true that most of his victims were poor and black, the reason perhaps our lovely mainstream media didn't put this fact front and center is because it realizes that this may not be an issue of "race" per se (unless this pedophile had a particular racial "thing" for black boys for whatever reason, maybe he got beat up by blacks when he was a kid, like Eldridge Cleavers had his rape "thing" for white women, thus making the race, etc. of the victim important in the eyes of the perpetrator) as much as it is a matter of the particular situation which happened to give him access to a majority of vulnerable children, who happened to be poor and black. Like a Catholic priest takes advantage of whatever young boys are in his path, from whatever ethnicity the community happens to be.

It is like the mainstream media never mentioning that the flash-mobs are mostly black teens (calling them instead "youths") who attack mainly white people because why on earth would race be pertinent to that story?

Anonymous said...

and these sexual attacks are going on now in this day and age. Imagine what it was like in the era of slavery???

Anonymous said...

Because for some reason they actually want to get this guy. It would be like the young black girls who disappear and no one puts them on the news if they came out and said the boys were black.

Anonymous said...

and these sexual attacks are going on now in this day and age.

This is not surprising. This type of thing has gone on ever since humanity began. Adults take their traumas out on children.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anonymous 4:22 that article is great! Horrifying, but I guess weve suspected it all along! I've bookmarked it for further reading. Thanks