Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penn State Coach McQueary As Coward, Like Father Like Son

It is no surprise that Penn State Assistant Coach Mike McQueary is now double-talking that he contacted the police regarding his witnessing of the Sandusky rape of a 10-year old boy on campus in 2002. Only thing is that neither Penn State Police, or the campus police, have a record of McQueary saying peep to them, unequivocally. As well, McQueary's grand jury testimony makes no mention of contacting any authorities other than Head Coach Paterno, Athletic Director Curley, and University VP Schultz. Oh yeah, McQueary did first contact his own father (John J. McQueary), presumably the cowardly example-setter who reared his son onto the ill-fated, protect-your-own-ass, path upon which he nows finds himself.

I'm fortunate. My old man would have only had one question, if I had been in McQueary's shoes - can he touch the blunt object I used to smash Sandusky's degenerate scull? Any other question or response would have been unacceptable! Momma McQueary must feel pretty good right about now.

With nearly a decade of silence behind them, I pity the chip-off-the-old-bastard McQueary that he and his old man had no heart to help that poor boy or the other boys they should have imagined, from the clutches of a monster. However, it is the faded hope that had to be in the boy's eyes that night, as McQueary arrived and departed the rape scene never to be heard from, that breaks this father's/son's heart.

James C. Collier


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BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Accountibilty goes further then the powers that be will admit.
In the end it was not about the welfare of the children,but the image of the Penn State Football program!
Living in Western Penn,affords me with the knowledge that it all about the money and reputation.

Anonymous said...

Really tragic! McQeary shou;d be held accountable also!

Anonymous said...

It's a terrible thing indeed! It's the 'it's not my problem' attitude and 'I'm not going to be the whistle blower that sticks my neck out' the 'every man for himself' thought.

I get the feeling that what they did do, was make it clear to him that this was not to take place on campus. They sort of shooed it away, which explains why he started taking kids into his home,dunno...either way it's wrong of them to keep quiet, for not wanting to compromise the university and the team.

So once again children sacrificed for the follies of adults.

That's why as parents we have to be ever vigilant. Trust no one, no one!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is okay. I guess you're on vacation. Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say hello and hope everything is well:)

Anonymous said...

This is soo sickening..

check the book "Down Low Baller" at the link below!!

Reggie said...

I like to believe that no real man would walk in on another man boning a child and not beat that man senseless on the spot.

There are a lot of things utterly disturbing about this story.