Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Google Pulls Plug (Again) On White Hate Site - whyblackssuck

Back in August, I noticed that one of my 'favorite' hate sites, whyblackssuck.blogspot.com, was back up and running after being taken down by Google. As before, I re-started my regular complaints. I'm happy to say that it is gone again, especially since it was spewing the same filth. If you did not see my earlier post, here it is.

James C. Collier


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Political Season said...

Its mildly interesting that you complain to Google to shut them down. I say this because I think you give those types a certain degree of cover with your belief that we should have a serious discussion about black intellectual inferiority for example. You talked about spark and fire in the linked post, I think you own some of that yourself. I suspect you might say a site like SBPDL.com is just inside the hate line, whereas I'd say its definitely over. I don't know what the other site had on it that put it over the top for you, but opening for debate the question of whether blacks are genetically inferior in intelligence to me is way more than "airing out the laundry". So I find it a little ironic that you actually go to the trouble of complaining to Google about this site.

James C. Collier said...

A+A: Black 'intellectual inferiority' and under performance are not the same thing. I do not shy away from the latter, or those who talk about it honestly. FTR, I do not believe in genetic inferiority, but rather in a distribution of intelligence that covary with historical geography, and in alignment with empirical results. SBPDL is raw, but honest, from what I have seen, in allowing readers to see behavior w/o a MSM filter.