Thursday, July 30, 2009

Acting White: Gomer Pyle Award - Justin Barrett BostonPD

We should all be happy that this guy did not get the Gates call. (story here) Do not pass go. Do not have a beer. Go directly to unemployment office.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

I think I had just heard this story.
Dummy made a comment in an email.

Well golllyyyyy doesn't he know the PC correct crowd is ready to pounce on stuff like that?

I have to ask how it was revealed?

A person should have a reasonable expectation of privacy with emails.
Guess a pal turned him in?

Anyway I wonder how many racial comments have floated about in emails from black cops that weren't found out?

Rare will the black cop be that turns in a fellow brother for that stuff but there are white folks that will do just that.

Kind of telling hmmmm.

He still did pull a "Gomer".

James C. Collier said...

Barrett sent his email to a Boston Globe columnist, as well as an e-mail blast to his National Guard comrades. Makes one wonder just what kind of deck of cards he is playing.

James C. Collier said...

Your are correct, plus Gomer could sing too. Insert you favorite knuckhead. I frankly don't know if any of the Mayberry crowd were suspect, as that show and spin-offs had no blacks, that I can recall.

Anonymous said...

Sent it to a Boston Globe columnist?


Old Gomer was way smarter than that.

Diogenes said...

Well, there are no blacks in small Southern towns and no prjudice, either. At least not on TVLand. :-)

lincolnperry said...

Good Follow-up Mr Collier, I'm interested to know if any of his Black colleagues are willing to step forward to defend his character or actions.

Take note Sgt. Leon Lashley, and Kelly King, maybe you provide him with sensitivity and diversity training!

Anonymous said...

Officers Lashley and King are obtuse, or deep denial. If either one of these officers were driving without a Masonic emblem, police marking, or any other symbol that identifies them as a peace officer, those same fellow officers would stop them and treat them no different from any African American motorist!

Smile said...

Well Mr. Collier, one doesn't have to wonder about this guys cards. He's obviously well short of a full deck.

Not the brightest bulb but driven enough to make the force. It's shameful what he was driven with. Thank God he was found out early.

But yes, this one does not the whole force make. It's good to see they're on top of these things.