Monday, March 16, 2009

Acting White: Madoff Winning

I disturbed the feathers of a few friends yesterday when I declared that the Madoff guilty plea was little or no consolation to his crime. What knotted their knickers was my contention that authorities were speeding things along to ‘get it over and done with’. The crime-of-the-century nature opens up cauldrons of anti-Semitism that many would rather leave undisturbed.

My evidence of the ‘bum’s rush’ of the case stems from the authorities allowing Bernie to plead guilty as if he acted alone, when everyone believes that this could not have been the case. Sure, he had help licking the envelopes containing the bogus monthly statements to his victims, but I contend he also had the help of his family and other cohorts at the top, including his dear wife shuffling millions around in obvious show for the authorities.

I contend that Bernie’s prosecution should have been integrated into the obvious cohort, delayed if necessary, and the whole Madoff crew should be looking at enough time to have them rolling over on each other faster than you can say ‘putz’. Instead, we get this pseudo-closure of Madoff heading alone to a jail cell he knew was coming all along, and for which he has had years to prepare. The culmination of his crime was how to keep as many of his team out of jail and well-funded long after the authorities have declared victory over his carcass.

Well, I’m not buying it. While I loathe the historical anti-Semitic replay this crime beckons, I cannot sanction letting this very evil individual take a pass because there are anti-Semites among us waiting to pounce on what they would consider as evidence backing their 1,000 year old hatred. Bernie used affinity to scam his people, and now the authorities are using it in the clean-up. When our laws become vehicles of PC expedience around painful chapters, we all lose and lose big. Madoff targeting Jews is no different than Ponzi himself going after Italians. Yes, Bernie should go to jail, but he expected it and planned for it. His real punishment can only be that the people who helped him steal all that money should be behind bars as well.

James C. Collier


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Dennis Mangan said...

There was a story on Clusterstock today to the effect that it's only a matter of time before others are indicted, including Madoff's wife and daughter; I bet that they'll get the sons too.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish history doesn't exist in a vacuum. Why were Jews messed with over the centuries? They were't always angels then as now.