Friday, March 27, 2009

Acting White: Chris Rock on Engaging the Police

Warning: Strong language, but a message every black youth needs to hear.

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

In the country, it's called "too stupid to live". If you did something dumb that killed you, you were too stupid to live.

I've got friends in the local school system, and they worry about the sheer lack of common sense in kids of all colors and money levels. The poor kids are usually checks and aren't raised, and the rich kids are neglected while their parents are earning checks instead of raising them. They've grown up (fed by said school system) with such a sense of entitlement that they just can't get the concept that they shouldn't blast F the Police on the CD player while getting pulled over.

As libertarian and as anti-"police as paramilitary force" as I am, I've still noticed that most of the victims of police brutality are idiots who receive more than what they've earned through their own stupidity.

American Black Chick in Europe said...

I know some folks (black women included) criticize Chris Rock and his routines, but I rather like them. Although I may not always agree with him, he's normally very good at providing insightful commentary on society in a humorous way.

I think this video is brilliant. Does racism happen? Sure. Are some blacks pulled over just for being black? Of course. But why give the police a reason to whoop your ass? I say well done Chris Rock.

ogunsiron said...

last summer in Montreal, the following happened, more or less :
Police officers patrolling city parks notice a young latino guy playing cards with his brother and his haitian and latino friends. It seems that being in a public park was in violation of his parole so heyr approach him and are abotu to fine him or something like that. What do our very intelligent black and latino youth do ? They get really pissed off and the felon's younger brother gets the incredibly bright idea of jumping at the female police officer's throat. They probably thougth that they could kick that b*tch's white ass. Unfortunately for our very smart youth, another whitebread officer pulled out his gun and shot. 2 black guys wounded and the younger brother or our latino friend is dead. A riot follows and pretty much nothing is said by the parents and the "community" about how stupid it is to assault police officers...