Saturday, March 15, 2008

Black Man of a More Positive Future

No matter your position, this young man gives us hope. Check it out.

Hat Tip: The Poetic Exodus

James C. Collier


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Anonymous said...

Its nice to see the opinion of a well educated, well READ, upper middle class citizen of any country be given a moment at the mike, as opposed to the contrived, mouth frothing support we see on the daily news night after night, spouting the same PC crap that we have been shoveled for the last 30 years.

Good Find

Francis Holland said...

If you're sick and tired of hearing Hillary, her husband and her surrogates' comments about Barack Obama and Black people in the presidential race, then please help us engage in some push-back by signing this online petition to the DNC and the super-delegates:

"The signatories to this statement urge that Senator Hillary Clinton must concede defeat in her quest for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and must support the Democratic ticket. "

Thanks for your collaboration with the Afrosphere Action Coalition.

Anonymous said...

I love how the interviewer was ready to give him a hard time and had an attitude in the beginning because he believed that the young man was some dumb kid, who may have been only voting based on emotinal reasons and racial ties to Obama. Then the interviewer slowly gets on his side after he's charmed by this young mans's intellect (he may have been anti-Obama before the interview but after hearing this brotha, I dont kno)I don't kno if you guys could sense the change in the interviewers demeanor but, i did. In any case,Bravo, brotha!!