Monday, August 20, 2007

N.F.L.’s Vick Accepts Plea Deal in Dog-Fight Case

N.F.L.’s Vick Accepts Plea Deal in Dog-Fight Case - NYT

I know little of Atlanta football super-star Michael Vick, other than his recent troubles and plea bargain for professional dog fighting. So all I will say is that any owner who gives someone a $130 million dollar contract with $37 million guaranteed, should have a few guys planted in said super-star's ‘posse’ to warn of possible behavior that might sink the ship. If the Atlanta ownership had any savvy at all they should have considered this outcome and saved all of this mess, at the cost of a few additional Benjamin’s. On the other-hand, if the owner is insured against Vick’s self-implosion, then ‘what the hell’.

James C. Collier


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Do You KNOW Clarence? said...

James, I can co-sign on the proposal. How about not paying these stars (read: entertainers) the ridiculous amount they make? The high-pay == high visibility. Michael Vick's display seems to be expected. His grip on reality may be skewed (enough to think that he wouldn't get caught and the whole scenario put on Front St.). No, I don't think that paying them less means that their slips should get pushed under the mat and ignored -- but I think that his resources gave him an unreal sense of the untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see, it's someone else's fault that a supposedly educated, gifted athlete, role model and NFL icon uses poor jugement in not only breaking the law, but lying about it. The owner should have paid for a baby sitter? James, I can only hope you are joking, otherwise you have reduced your blog to almost total irrelevance. But I think you are kidding, tell me its true James....tell me you actually believe people should be accountable for their the owner white, and you're advocating the deflection of blame....oh please James...tell me its not true

Anonymous said...

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James C. Collier said...

Michael: unknot your knickers. My comment about the owner is ON TOP of Michael Vick's utter stupidity. Perhaps Vick thought he could convert his piddly $130M into some real 'dog' money. Vick is barely worth discussing. It is fitting that they all lose out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks James!! I enjoy your comments and your brain cells....knickers now unknotted!

It pains me to see people (of any race) make this type of decision especially when they seem to have the world on a string.


Joe Friday said...

A friends 10 year old son tore down all his Vick posters and memorabilia
as soon as Vick was accused and stuck it all away in a box.

Today he helped his older sister's xcounty team raise money for a trip to Disney World, by selling all of it at a yard sell fund raiser, the xcountry team held.

People actually bought all of it. Unreal.

Lola Gets said...

hahaha@ posse implants

Somethings got to stop idiots from ruining their lives.


Anonymous said...

Mike Vick is a sad story. He set himself up for failure. I don not however agree with popular opinion about him continuing his career when he gets out of prison.

In a country where we still trade with some of th emost HUMAN rights abusers on the planet, we can have a reformed dog fighter throw a football if that is what he does well.

Anonymous said...

The NFL actually does hold mandatory classes for its players to teach them that many of their hangers-on are often parasitical, and to avoid doing stupid things that will jeopardize their career. Vick, apparently, wasn't listening.

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