Monday, March 05, 2007

In Diversity Push, Top Universities Enrolling More Black Immigrants

In Diversity Push, Top Universities Enrolling More Black Immigrants - Washington Post

Harvard you are so busted! Elite colleges have finally been revealed for the merit-based end-run they are perpetrating on affirmative action, and this is a very good thing for challenging the performance gap. For years these schools have been stacking their minority numbers with immigrants while pretending to be defenders of ‘we shall overcome’ diversity. Now it is out, nothing is farther from the truth.

Black immigrants and the descendants of America’s slaves have little in common beyond skin-color. Perhaps spotlighting this Ivy-League slight-of-hand can help us get to the reasons for the differences and why they translate into academic achievement that has admissions staffers salivating over some and not others. Succinctly, immigrants are not confused between ‘acting white’ and ‘acting right’. They assimilate the behaviors that propel them ahead, while dropping anything that is distracting.

The hypocrisy of these institutions lies in that they are slyly withdrawing support for affirmative action, because they know it does not work, and replacing it with something that serves their own selfish purposes – to hell with society. If they only had the courage to do this in the open, for everybody’s benefit, it would be a good thing. Instead, they speak the status quo support for handing out race-based ‘plus factors’, while scouring applicants with immigrant backgrounds and behaviors, who happen to also be black.

What they should be doing instead is showcasing the behavioral differences that they are secretly rewarding in their admissions processes. At least then parents and children of America's slave descendants would have one honest answer to why they remain at the bottom of this country’s opportunity ladder.

James C. Collier


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