Thursday, March 01, 2007

AsianWeek Column Condemned As Racist et al

AsianWeek Column Condemned As Racist - AP

Column Creates Rumblings Along Racial Fault Line - Washington Post

Make no mistake; the game AsianWeek is playing is about money. Owner and editor-at-large Ted Fang went looking for controversy that would raise the publication’s readership and advertising revenue, and he found it in Kenneth “I Hate Blacks” Eng.

The free paper’s ad revenues are based upon circulation and as of Mr. Eng’s editorial I am sure they have gone way up. Mr. Fang has undoubtedly predetermined that his advertisers are not going to abandon him because of this ‘race-baiting stunt’, and this says a lot for his lack of integrity, as well as the assumed bigotry in the Chinese community he seeks to exploit.

The fact that local Black leaders can stand up with him, in the spotlight, and quickly accept his apologies reminds us how gullible these so-called leaders can be. Mr. Fang is insincere in dodging editorial responsibility for publishing Mr. Eng’s brand of racism. He knows it would be unfair to discipline others for editorial decisions that rest ultimately with him.

There are many in the Chinese community who see through Fang’s charade, and wish not to let him off so quickly or lightly. Their efforts should be supported, rather than diminished by standing next to him with no more than a cursory understanding of his dubious business and journalistic agenda.

James C. Collier


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Richard said...

Look at it this way, if he was secretly trying to increase his black readership, he has certainly succeded. Temporarily, anyway