Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Seeking Ancestry in DNA Ties Uncovered by Tests

Seeking Ancestry in DNA Ties Uncovered by Tests - New York Times

We cannot understate the impact of finally discovering a useful benefit of our minuscule genetic differences. Who would have guessed that ‘out-foxing’ college applications with ancestral DNA would signal the death of ‘race science’?

This dubious pursuit of competitive advantage can only encourage us to re-evaluate why history has taken its course, rewarding some, forsaking others. Yes, we are different, but not for the reasons we have been taught.

World societies have advanced at varying rates for thousands of years, only to collide later with frightening results, including America’s indigenous decimation, and its enslavement of Africans. Evolutionary factors relative to food production, domestications, metallurgy, and critical thinking will speak their influence.

Geographical disadvantages of Africa will replace errant characterizing of its inhabitants, who are 99.9% originals of every other people. Europe will have to admit how its advantages and dominance arrived by nothing other than location, location, location.

But be warned, tired excuses, from all sides, are the casualties of progress.

James C. Collier


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