Sunday, April 09, 2006

Condoleezza Rice on Piano et al

Condoleezza Rice on Piano - New York Times,

Rice to visit Europe -- and maybe beyond - Washington Post

Condoleezza Rice's Favorite Songs - Washington Post

While I am not a fan of many of Condoleezza Rice's biddings as Secretary of State, I applaud her accomplishments nonetheless, something many African-Americans have too hard a time doing.

Much of the satire out of the Black community pokes mean-spirited fun at her for 'acting White', whether it is her hairstyle, clothes, speech, musical taste, as featured in your article, or Republican views.

What Black people are failing to capitalize on is her example of how far education, hard work, and perseverance can take a person-of-color these days.

Partisanship should not deny Black kids the showcase of the path to her position as Secretary of State, and advisor to the President.

As a Black woman, she has clearly overcome many obstacles in her life. Unlike Justice Thomas, there seems to be no 'race card' in her repertoire. Black people should show Ms. Rice, and the potential she demonstrates, more respect.

James C. Collier


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Charles Reynolds said...

So She Plays the Piano, so What? I

I have yet to hear one black person claim that she's "acting white" James! Antithetically, I hear tempered respect caromed from the lips of blacks. The reservation they exhibit stems from her association with the infamous alcoholic lawbreaker George Bush and the ever complicit Dick-- head of the fowl slayers-- Cheney. A legitimate gripe say over 70% of Americans (not that those overwhelming numbers imply truth).

IPost StatementI
BTW, if the "race card" is in the deck it will eventually get played.