Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Racism In European Football Kicked Into Spotlight

The lid has come off of Euro-football after Italian fans insisted on making racist monkey gestures/sounds directed to AC Milan star-player, Kevin-Prince Boateng, in a 'friendly' game Jan 2 against team Pro Patria. (here)

It seems that the German-Ghanaian Boateng walked off the pitch (field) at the repeated actions of a group of Italian fans. His teammates followed, and the game ended. Boateng also received the support of his team president, Silvio Berlusconi. The former Italian prime minister, media mogul, and non-stranger to controversy said, "This is an uncivilised problem that needs to be stopped. I congratulated my players for their decision to leave the field during the friendly in Busto Arsizio." (here)

It is interesting watching Europeans and their authorities attempt to deal with such obvious racism in their most beloved sport. The more the authorities try to curb it, the more determined the fans seem to become, especially the Spanish and the Italians. Gone is the smug superiority the Europeans had when witnessing images of US racism, back int he 1960's, eh?

James C. Collier


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Rox said...

Wow, I had no idea this was going on. I'm glad it's out in the open so maybe things can change for the better.

ThatDeborahgirl said...

It will only change when they get police to drag white fans out of the stadiums and put them in jail to cool their heels.

Anonymous said...

You also manage to sound rather smug yourself at the end there by the way but yes indeed, for our part It's all gone; as we are now sadly all too aware of the appalling characteristics inherent within the black race. It's at least encouraging that in some parts of the old Continent there is some resistance towards the idea that these third world junk people should be allowed to infest their first world countries and drag them into the gutter.