Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waiting For Obama

In high school I read the absurdist parable, "Waiting For Godot", by Samuel Beckett, about two men waiting by a tree for someone named Godot to intervene in their dreary lives.

As I watch the country continue to flail its economic and social arms, accompanied by the current round of Obama promise-one-on-one with Mitt, I no longer wonder if the leader we have been waiting for will ever show up. Obama and Romney, or McCain before him, are more like the tragic characters of the book, Vladimir and Estragon.

Mr. Obama was the closest thing to a godsend the country has had in decades - but alas, he morphed into just a good politician, who at best reflects the clueless desperation of the masses interwoven with his focused ambition. Of course, our problems are much bigger than the president or his even more ambitious adversary. We need someone to take us beyond our current state of national meaninglessness.

We need Godot.

James C. Collier


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Jim-Jim said...

The U.S. has been a de facto empire since its birth, and empires always split into their constituent parts. Look for the white southerners of Dixie or the Chicanos of the Southwest to break away first.

Anonymous said...

The US will break apart eventually, it's just a matter of when and how. Interesting guess by Jim-Jim... I can't say that I've got a good guess for how the breakup will go. (Will it breakup along political lines? Ethnic lines? Geographical lines? TBD...)

However I would've guessed it was aways off from happening... I figured sometime in the next 200 years, but not anytime in the immediate future. However change has a way of coming upon us suddenly and with force.

Jim-Jim said...

We may be a "city on a hill," but the hill is quickly eroding.